Take Control of Your Data Security with TimeTec TA

Thursday, June 30, 2016 TimeTec 0 Comments

Nowadays, data is proven to be an asset and it is an obligation for organization to manage and safeguard its data. TimeTec TA offers a few features that will allow companies to take control of attendance and employees’ data effectively and securely. Let’s check out how to take control of your data with TimeTec TA.  
Organization Structure
Organization structure differs from one company to another and TimeTec TA’s Organization Structure feature embraces the dynamic nature of various companies’ structures. With this feature, you are free to determine the layers and structure of your organization and by using the drag and drop function, you can easily add in users under their respective divisions. By defining your own, you will be able to filter your data searching according to the structure and you can determine data accessibility later in Manage System Roles & Admin. Not all data is accessible to every department and this Organization Structure feature allows one department to access different data than another department. Try it out and see how this feature can benefit your company. 

Field Layout
Every application has its own standard fields and sometimes these fields don’t suit the requirements of certain companies. Field Layout feature in the Company tab allows you to determine and customize the important fields required for your company. Create your own fields, for example Marital Status, and determine where the field should appear by setting it right in the Field Layouts section. If you don’t need certain fields to be in your system, you can just remove them from the Field Layouts, it is that easy! This feature provides you with control to determine what kind of data do you want to gather for your organization. 
Note: Currently this feature is made available only for User module, but rest assured it will be extended to other modules in the near future to accommodate larger requirements.

System Roles
When it comes to attendance data, employment information and such, Human Resource Managers must have the highest accessibility into a Time and Attendance System like TimeTec TA. Managers from different departments for example, should only have limited access to the data and perhaps to their own department only. To manage data accessibility, System Roles feature is the solution. Create your system roles and determine your users’ accessibility; you can decide whether to allow them to view, edit, configure format, and etc. You can assign a role to a division and once this is done, proceed to assign system roles in the Admin tab. Use System Roles feature to secure your important data from being exposed to unauthorized individuals.

The main reason people choose cloud solution is to have all data accessible at all times. By TimeTec TA having features like Organization Structure, Field Layouts and System Roles, TimeTec TA puts the control of data back in the employer’s hands. 

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