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For every cloud service, user experience (UX) is one of the important aspects of the system; it’s THE crux of any cloud services. As for TimeTec TA, we have made a lot of upgrades, modifications and adding a lot of TLC in the system since 2015 to enhance the UX and make it user-friendly to all TimeTec users. Now that’s done, how do we take it to the next level?

We’ve got your back at all times!

Let’s face it, not everyone can understand a new system the first time. Thus, it’s crucial to have some sort of guidance in the system teaching you how to use the system correctly. TimeTec TA is offering the comfort of guidance and available supports to all our users, ensuring that assistance is available at every corner. Explore the Wizard, E-learning, Webinar sessions, Live Chat and email at TimeTec TA. 

TimeTec TA has 3 types of Wizards for Set up, Schedule and Migration.

1. Setup Wizard – Use this to setup your overall settings in TimeTec TA such as company profile, users, devices, and etc. 
2. Schedule Wizard – Get assistance from this wizard to create your work schedules easily 
3. Migration Wizard – For those who are migrating the data from TCMS V2 software to TimeTec TA, this wizard is a useful tool to use. 

In short, TimeTec TA Wizards got it all covered.

Follow the instructions in the Wizard to complete your setup. Easy!
Knowledge is the key to understanding; the more you read, the more you know. Be an expert of the software by reading the e-learning modules prepared exclusively for the users of TimeTec TA.

We have dedicated trainers to assist you with TimeTec TA. Request for a private session for your company or join our scheduled Webinar for an interactive training session. If you are one busy bee, you can also request for a recorded Webinar session and view it at your own time. 

Visit TimeTec Webinar site to view future training sessions.
Contact our support personnel via Live Chat for a prompt assistance or you want to drop any questions about TimeTec TA system. 

Last but not least, TimeTec TA team is always available 24-7, 365 days on email. The team will reply your enquiry the soonest possible. 

Experience TimeTec TA by signing up for the 30 days FREE trial at www.timeteccloud.com/signup

Not only we provide great UX, we also offer 10 free user licenses valid for a lifetime when you register with us.

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Go BYOD with TimeTec TA

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The use of mobile phones has expanded to include more than just personal matters; mobile-enabled workforce has become a new norm. The concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) lets employees use smartphones for work-related matters and it has rapidly gaining acceptance worldwide. A recent study by MarketsandMarkets revealed that BYOD is increasing at an annual compound rate of 25% annually. 

The BYOD concept comes with numerous benefits to the organization including improved productivity, lower costs, workplace flexibility and it also provides better work-life balance, which will provide better employee satisfaction. 

While BYOD is great, a company needs to be using it with cautions and make sure that your employees understand its positive impacts and be wary of the negative. Here we list a few attentions to taking into account when it comes to using BYOD in an office environment:

Rapid Mobile Phones Development
These days the development of mobile phones is faster than the speed of light so to exaggerate. Mobile phones and their versions are updated frequently, which requires the development of its application for BYOD devices to be updated frequently also. Ensure that the app you use is updated constantly and support the latest technology to reduce the problems you might encounter when using the app with any mobile type or version. 

Application’s Access Control
When everything is accessible from various devices; it’s important to control the level of accessibility of each user. System roles and user access settings are crucial to making mobile application for BYOD safe to use. Examples of user settings are normal users can view only information related to them while the administrator can view the overall performance of employees and monitor all their data. 

Set the permission for each user for both web and mobile application in TimeTec TA. The accessibility for both web and mobile application is set differently for admin, operator and normal user. 

Simplicity is the essence of UX
Nobody likes complicated matters, especially when it comes to user experience or acronym UX. When assessing an app for BYOD, make sure the UX for the app is simple, easy to navigate and understandable. The developer needs to be thinking complex features to cater to user requirements but delivery to users must be simplified. BYOD users rely highly on applications on their devices, therefore having a smooth experience with the app is not an option, it’s crucial.

TimeTec mobile application focuses on simple and concise UX, to provide an easy and smooth experience to all its users. 
Future Flexibility
No one can predict the future, but it’s important to know that the app developer is open and able to support wider ecosystem. The app needs to be able to do not only the main features but also extra features such as chat, linkage to third party apps, etc. 

Set attendance monitoring notification or send company announcement to all users at any time via TimeTec mobile application.
Security over lost of devices
Electronic devices are prone to get stolen or broken. While it’s great having all your business information in one device, losing the device could spell trouble for the company. It’s important to ensure the level of security offered by the service provider in this situation. Also, make known of your BYOD policy to all employees so they understand the importance of keeping their devices safe. 

TimeTec allows only one Mobile ID per user and is secured with individual login username and password. 

BYOD trend is here to stay and growing; embrace the concept and go BYOD with TimeTec TA. Sign up to TimeTec TA and download TimeTec mobile from IOS and Google Play Store today!