Patrolling Full of Confidence with TimeTec Patrol

Tuesday, December 29, 2015 TimeTec 0 Comments

TimeTec is introducing TimeTec Patrol, a solution to monitor guards on duty effectively using the BYOD concept and an amazing TimeTec Patrol app. For the uninitiated, guarding large premises require guards on duty to be touring at different times, different shifts and at odd hours. Keeping the whereabouts of the guards at all times is not an easy feat, and TimeTec Patrol will be introduced to present security guard companies with alternative for their problems. 

TimeTec Patrol presents a tool for your company to schedulize all your guards effectively, presenting your client with a bigger picture of security control that your company has in store for them. Knowing the bigger picture will avoid overlapping and wastage of resources. With TimeTec Patrol, the supervisor can set all the schedules online and the guards can view them straight from the smartphones. There will be no case of forgetting the rounds or taking too long to complete any rounds because TimeTec Patrol is equipped with a mechanism to alert the guards of his duty. The seamless operation of TimeTec Patrol will make it an appealing tool for the guard business. 

During patrol rounds, guards are bound to encounter with light cases such as doors are not closed properly, gates unlocked, noise disturbances, car headlights not off, or more serious incidents like bumped into a fight, witnessing crimes etc. With the manual patrolling system, guards will report these incidents only when they have finished their tour, leaving a lot of details to his imagination and memory. TimeTec Patrol provides guards a tool to report incidents instantly through his smartphones and he can attach photos and videos to support the report. By sending the report in real-time, nothing is lost in translations and the time stamp and photos provide the actual account of incidents. 

TimeTec Patrol also is designed to provide the reports of the patrol rounds for the clients to gauge the effectiveness of the security system for the premise. TimeTec Patrol modernizes patrol duty and giving the guards the tool they need to do their duties effectively. Watch out for the launch announcement of TimeTec Patrol soon. In the meantime go to to register an account and be one of the first to be notified when the product is ready to take off. 


TimeTec TA Mobile Facelift Comes With More Exciting Functions

Monday, November 30, 2015 TimeTec 0 Comments

TimeTec Mobile app is an application that complements the TimeTec TA, an amazing online software to manage employee’s information, attendance, scheduling and roster assignment from any devices, from anywhere in the world derived from one central secure location. 

Touch that fingerprint to clock-in and clock-out, it's that easy!
With TimeTec Mobile, clocking activities can be done from anywhere and you can have geolocation tag to confirm the whereabouts during those clocking activities from your mobile. The clocking data will be on TimeTec TA in real time, to be merged with your other clocking data on cloud instantly. Administrators can check statuses and reports of their users while each user can view his/her attendance data from their mobile, receive notifications and view his attendance & tardiness reports without any hassles. 

With all these functions to accompany your mobility, TimeTec Mobile is an excellent app for work!

Generate your reports while on the go and submit it to the people that matter
TimeTec TA at provides each account with free 10 user licenses for life, so if your establishment  has less than 10 staff, you can use TimeTec TA and its mobile application for free for life. And for those who have more staff, you can pick and choose the one who you would like to monitor under TimeTec TA or you can simply USD20 per month by signing up with us!

Give TimeTec TA a try at and download TimeTec Mobile from Google Play or App Store to experience easy clocking from your own device!


TimeTec TA Transforms Attendance Management

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Attendance is crucial in every company and organization. Nothing could be accomplished if your staff is not showing up for work; it is that simple. Time Attendance solution such as TimeTec TA should be necessary for any company, because the fact is, attendance is positively correlated to overhead cost of any business. 

By having the latest and effective time and attendance solution like TimeTec TA, employees’ time activities can be monitored accurately and effortlessly without disrupting employees’ daily operations. 

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based attendance system that offers accessibility, scalability and transparency to all of its users.  


Attendance data in TimeTec TA is centralized on TimeTec cloud server and users can access the data at anytime, from anywhere as long as there’s an Internet connection. Forget installation and technical support because when it’s online, TimeTec takes care of it. Designed with positive user-experience in mind, TimeTec TA features are user-intuitive and friendly, fit for any company without requiring an expert in IT.  TimeTec TA also has prepared migration wizard, setup wizard, guides and 24/7 technical supports that are ready to assist users at every step. 


TimeTec TA is not hardware biased, meaning that it doesn’t require users to buy any hardware in order for them to use the software. With TimeTec TA, users can clock-in using 3 methods (biometrics, mobile and PC) for now and a few more to come (NFC, GPS and etc). In this era of byod (bring your own device), users can clock-in and view attendance using mobile and PC and the best thing is, all methods are available without additional charge with TimeTec TA subscription. 


Sign up with TimeTec TA and automatically receive 10-user licenses FREE for lifetime! Purchase additional licenses if you need more but if your company has 10 employees or less, TimeTec TA is absolutely free for you, and did we mention for LIFE? 

The size of your organization doesn’t really matter because TimeTec TA is designed to cater to scheduling and attendance management effectively regardless of the company’s size. TimeTec cloud server is more than sufficient to handle large amount of data.  No matter how simple or complex your scheduling is, TimeTec TA scheduling system can handle it. Group your schedules and assign them to the employees easily with TimeTec TA. Check TimeTec TA Scheduling Guide for examples and scenarios of scheduling.


Quit worrying about attendance data lost as we are keeping your data safe on our cloud server that runs on Amazon EC2, providing reliable service at all times and all data are backed up regularly. So you can relax, keep calm and use TimeTec TA. 

The world is jumping on cloud services; according to Columbus, L 2015, “Roundup Of Cloud Computing Forecasts And Market Estimates, 2015”, Forbes, accessed 9th October 2015,, from 2013 – 2020, SaaS average growing at 22% every year, compared with 5% in overall enterprise IT. The reasons are simple. Cloud is suitable for the current workforce that values mobility, transparency, scalability and effectiveness. 

Sign up with us at and start using TimeTec TA for free!


Tracking Time to a Tee with Work Code Function in TimeTec

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Each employee has a price tag; some are more expensive than others but every staff has its own pay per hour rate.

For skillful employees with services charged at premium rate, they can contribute positively to their company by engaging more of their services in certain projects. For examples, top lawyers handling cases vs mediocre lawyers, an external auditor to audit difficult accounts, or different skilled repairmen in a car workshop. On the other hand,  in every work day, time wastage can happen unnoticed and it can cost companies a lot of money in workforce salary when time taken by the employees are calculated in this pay per hour rate.

This pay per hour rate can work in favor of the company or against it; one has to know the difference to benefit from it.

In TimeTec, there is one function which could serve users two purposes, one is to generate more income for the company and another is to save the company’s money. The function is known as Work Code.

This function can be used to determine the cost for the company as well as the revenue the company can bill the customers. Take for example, a situation in a car workshop. A repairman who handles engine troubleshooting is more expensive than a repairman that changes the tyre. The same goes in a renovation project, where a designer is paid by the hour at a different rate than an electrician.

TimeTec provides the management a tool to calculate the total hours spent by each employee involved in each assigned job, to determine the cost to the company and to bill the customers where it is appropriate.

In any organization, employees will give various reasons to be excused intermittently from work. For example, in a workday, some employees will come late due to traffic jam, some would go for a few smoking breaks, some want to pick up kids from school, some would want to go to the bank for 30 minutes, some go to meetings offsite, and many more incidents. If one employee takes 5 times of 10 minutes smoking breaks in a day, he already takes 50 minutes of his work time from productivity. While some companies turn a blind eye on these casual breaks, with TimeTec, you can open both eyes and tabulate those times and turn it into dollars and cents.

By setting up all these workcode and every employee is required to select the appropriate work code before he/she can leave the office premise would give the management a better idea of how many hours are being abused/used by the employees whether intentionally or unintentionally.

For companies who want to reduce labor costs and improve the overall attendance discipline of the workforce, usage of work code function is highly recommended. And for companies that require a tool to calculate the actual cost involved in each different project, the combination of work code and job cost function could be handy.


To use the workcode/job cost function, the administrator will first need to set up a flexi working schedule WITHOUT a fixed first in and last log-out time in the schedule in. The work days however, must be defined correctly.

Next, the Job Cost feature must be enabled in the General Tab.

Create the Group Duty Roster for this Schedule. 

Select the Effective Date that this roster will take effect.


Once done, select the employees who need to follow this roster.

Each activity has to be represented by a work code for example, 58 for Engine Repair, 52 for Regular Service,  50 for smoking and etc. A company can add as many work codes as required i.e. 10 for banking matters, 11 for fetching children from school, 12 for stock counting and etc. 

To make these work codes available in TimeTec Mobile, you need to turn on the work code function in the app. 

When the company wants to implement a work code, an attendance policy needs to be communicated clearly whereby all employees are required to adhere to this work code whenever they want to be excused/exit from the company to do those listed activities or whenever they are assigned to do a specific task for a job. For example, if an employee wants to exit the office for a smoke, he needs to enter the work code via fingerprint device or mobile, press “OK” and place fingerprint or tap “Confirm” on your mobile app to report the activity.

With the Work Code labelling, the work time for each and every job scope will be calculated accordingly. Regardless of your task, if your company is using work code to identify your activities, the time total can be tabulated. Note: This list will not appear in the attendance sheet if you are using fixed and not the flexi schedule but it is listed under Data Audit List in Device module. Whether or not the company wants to manipulate the time to save cost is the company’s decision, but to have all the data intact is a plus point for any organization.


TimeTec Gets Your Workforce Management Right

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Running an efficient business is not a walk in the park. The bigger the business’s size, the more aspects a company needs to pay attention to in order to stay effective. Workforce management, financial management, business strategies and resources management are among the crucial aspects of business that need intricate tending to not costing the company extra expanses and mismanagement. Having a system that can provide automation of the process and at the same time gives accurate data and improves the overall performance is a major plus for majority businesses. 

Every aspect of workforce management is spick and span with TimeTec as your solution.

TimeTec is the solution for your workforce management. With a minute investment, TimeTec provides a company with a clear overview of all employees and their activities that are related to productivity and wages. Here are 5 ways how TimeTec helps to get Your Workforce Management Right.

1.   Make Rules to Rule
A company must be clear with their expectations from the workforce. Lenient and vaguely defined rules leave a huge allowance for the staff to set their own rules, which could cost the company. It’s crucial to set the company’s attendance rules or policies right from the beginning, and communicate these rules clearly across the company.  TimeTec is a tool that you can use to translate these rules and policies into action by setting them up in the system and TimeTec can trace all activities of the employees to ensure compliance. For example, if all general staff must clock in to work at 9am with an allowance of 10 mins, those who clock-in at 9.11am and above will be grouped as latecomers and the company needs to find a way to solve it.

2.    Apply Flexibility To Ensure Commitment
When dealing with workers from different backgrounds with different sets of problems; offering no flexibility in managing them is not an option and could be a recipe for disaster. Between family members getting sick, car broke down, doctor’s appointment, emergencies; workforce behavior is unpredictable. Not only that, it’s becoming a trend for skilled workers these days to strive for work life balance and require the same from the employer when it comes to their work hours. TimeTec offers flexibility to the users with its work code and scheduling features. Employees can provide the reasons for tardiness and companies can offer flexible hours for select employees, both can be set in TimeTec seamlessly.

3.    Schedule Work Efficiently
Managing resources and time to produce the highest possible productivity should be the aim of every business. This can be done efficiently through scheduling. TimeTec offers daily, weekly and flexi schedules that can be set accordingly to suit various types of work schedules. Fixed schedules, shift schedules, rotations, and etc are achievable easily with TimeTec scheduling.  View our scheduling guide
here for reference.

4.    Transparency is the Best Policy
A one-sided system is always prone to bias. A system that only favors the employer is not conducive to the morale of the employees. With TimeTec, not only does employer have full control of the system, it also provides employee with the rights to view their attendance online to see their work hours, short working hours, overtime, how many times they came in late and so on. They also can apply for changes in the incorrect time where necessary. Providing this transparency provides both sides with clearer picture of the entire attendance and work schedule situation and a remedy could be offered in any case of discrepancies besides giving the staff comfort knowing that they also have rights to their own data.

5.    Scalability is Necessary
Global economy is always volatile; businesses are always at the mercy of the economy’s tantrum. When subscribing to a system that does not require you to stay fix, regardless of the economy situation, or your company’s growing status, you can scale its use to your requirements. TimeTec does not require hardware investment and the subscription can cater to the growth or downsize accordingly, providing you with a peace of mind.  

With an effective and affordable system like TimeTec, a company can thrive even further having the workforce management aspect of it taken care of. TimeTec also offers free 10-user licenses for lifetime, entitled to all customers that are registered to TimeTec. So, if your company has 10 users or less, TimeTec is absolutely free for your company, for life! Register with TimeTec today and start managing your workforce right!


TimeTec Intensifies Its UX

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TimeTec lives and breathes in an online cloud ecosystem, and this fact alone demands us to take a closer look on TimeTec application’s UX or User Experience for the software to be better accepted by the customers. User experience focuses on the human factor instead of the technology. No matter how advanced the technology is when user experience is rated poorly, failure is not far along. And when your product originated in the cloud environment, user experience is THE center stage.

Using a cloud system shouldn't feel like anticipating your next move in the game of chess. 

Earlier this year, the TimeTec website has adopted a responsive design to cater to the exponential growth of mobile users around the world. For those who have no clue, responsive web design basically means that the design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. Regardless of which gadget you use to view the website, it should reflect similar designs. But apart from the responsive website design of the, the user experience needs to happen in the main application.  The User Interface of TimeTec has to be revamped, refreshed and strategized to provide users with positive UX in totality.

Let’s take a look of some of the major changes happening in TimeTec as we speak.

  • The major tabs of TimeTec have been rearranged to give users better flow of the system
  • Regrouping of organization structure and devices information
  • The names of the functions have been changed to reflect its actual purposes
  • Rewriting of the Wizard to not only guide the users but also teach them how to use the entire system as we go along.
  • Mobile App has been revamped to also reflect user-friendliness and better user experience
  • To introduce centralized Guide Me section
  • Redesign of scheduling table layout and automate schedule creation to ease the user experience.
  • New selection of clock designs for Web Punch function
  • And the list goes on...

We are gunning for these expressions from TimeTec users. 
TimeTec is undergoing major and intensive changes to deliver positive UX to our global users. Concurrently, starting 15th August, for each TimeTec account created you are entitled to 10-user licenses full access free for life for you to try and experience TimeTec on your own. Hence, it’s our hope that you can share with us your valuable inputs and thoughts about the software to better the system together.

And if your entity has a staff count of 10 and less, you can use TimeTec for free, we promise it'll help you a lot. 

TimeTec, it’s about Time, log on to to register your free account today!