Managing Workforce in a Pandemic

The third wave of Covid-19 pandemic is here. Now positive cases in Malaysia has hit 3000-4000 daily, and everyone is busy going about their business despite the movement control order. To think about nearly a year ago when everybody was totally locked in their own house for more than two months when the positive cases didn't even touch triple digits, today's approach to the pandemic is baffling. Even more challenging for businesses is how to manage the workforce during this raging pandemic, without putting anyone at risk. Furthermore, there are infected patients from the recent c-19 variant  showing no symptoms whatsoever, making it even harder for the company to suspect a possible positive case for immediate isolation. 

Yesterday, it was reported that from 6 January until 22 January, a total of 350 clusters had been reported with 225 or 64.3% of them being workplace-related clusters. The uphill battle continues.

The workplace can't assume a passive role in securing the safety of its workers anymore. The active role should involve having a system that identifies SOP compliance to the T before letting anybody into one's premises. High body temperature is a huge red flag. But since some of the infected are not having temperature anymore (though some do), the more critical SOPs are mask-wearing and physical distancing. One has to keep 1 meter or 1.5-meter distance when communicating with the other person without fail. 

While all of those precautions involve individual attitude, what a company to do at this juncture? Plenty.

Companies need to guard entrances with relevant devices, highlight the necessity of mask-wearing  and provide enough space for physical distancing. Lack of space in an office is not an excuse to let more in under the pretence of 30% management leniency because mask-wearing lost its effectiveness with the absence of physical distancing. Better still is to adopt a contactless attendance system where staff can clock in and out using their own devices, cheaper and safer. Now, an attendance system using App like TimeTec TA is readily available, and it's not costly to adopt.  

Another area that needs precaution is visitor management. Make your visitor system contactless—discard pen and paper, don't touch any ID for clarification. Digitalize everything. Let visitors preregister and scan the QR code when they arrive. Scan their temperature, make sure they are wearing the mask at ALL times and keeping a distance from one another. 

All the information may sound redundant, but it is crucial for us to survive this ordeal.

TimeTec provides devices as a precautionary measure during this pandemic and other solutions like TimeTec Smart Attendance (, TimeTec Visitor Management System ( for contactless visitor management and FingerTec Face ID 5/FTD ( that can scan face for recognition for attendance and door control, and scan body temperature and mask-wearing compliance at the same time. 

Patrol Monitoring Done Right in 3-Step with TimeTec Smart Patrol

The common problem of companies employing patrol guards is, the monitoring of the guards while they were on duty. For companies that deploy a conventional patrolling system, the guards might be visible around premises, but without a proper monitoring system, the guards are not adequately tasked, forcing them to act on an ad-hoc basis most of the time. As a result, reports could be misleading, all over the place and difficult to trace. Delay in reporting of incidents also contributes to the inefficiency of security management. In a nutshell, the absence of a monitoring system to complement security guards might compromise the security quality companies are aiming for when vital information is lost in translations.  

TimeTec Patrol, the cloud-based smart patrol system, is offering companies with a viable monitoring system in 3 simple steps. 

Step 1 - Buy NFC tags, subscribe to TimeTec Patrol at 
Step 2 - Assign Guards to Patrol Schedules 
Step 3 - Start Monitoring Patrolling Activities with Complete Report 

How does TimeTec Patrol work?
- A company needs to identify checkpoints to be installed with NFC tags for the guards to scan using an Android smartphone installed with TimeTec Patrol App during a patrol round. 
- Configure the checkpoints with schedules, patrolling routes and list of incidents.
- The App will notify the guards before duty starts. Instructions onscreen are straightforward and intuitive for security guards to conduct their patrol duty.
- The guards can report incidents immediately via TimeTec Patrol App if they encounter any security breach during patrol round.
- The security supervisor can monitor daily patrolling activities in real-time. The system will notify any unattended task.
- Export comprehensive patrolling records, including scan time of each checkpoint as a report to the Management.

The latest deployment of TimeTec Patrol is observed at CSC Steel Holdings Berhad, a manufacturer of steel products with a factory located in Melaka. Addressing the factory security, they were finding ways to improve the quality of the patrol guards and their activities. Having TimeTec Patrol in place to support the guards during their patrol sessions, the Management receives direct reports of the activities and the happenings during those patrol rounds.

TimeTec Patrol gives companies better ROI for their security investment. It is easy, efficient, affordable and fuss-free. Visit us at 

Fulfilling Operation Goals with TimeTec Smart Attendance

“What are the operation goals of your business?” 

Most acknowledge that a rhetorical question will prep readers of what’s coming. Here comes another question that is worthy of being pondered on. 

“What exactly do operational goals mean?”

They are short-term goals that should be achieved within a predetermined time frame, focused targets, and attainable. 

Operational goals should serve 4 essential purposes: 
(1) Provide guidance and direction, 
(2) Facilitate planning, 
(3) Motivate and inspire employees, and 
(4) Help organizations evaluate and control performance. 

By identifying fundamental workforce objectives, these short term goals are going to contribute tremendously to your long-term business viability. Realization of this, this blog post will be an article of faith in which one should accept that these small goals do make a big difference in many ways. Since the saying goes, “To achieve big goals, start with small habits.”

We being a trusted brand in the market that provisions hardware products to develop and offer cloud solution services and integration, always pledge to place customers’ needs to the forefront of our business agenda.

Take a step back to what we have talked about earlier; you are going to need to build a powerfully successful team to make things happen - To be more accurate, to carry out these operation goals. But how certain are you to maintain, function and then strive to excel? TimeTec TA is going to enlighten you in many beneficial ways when it takes its full swing at your operating system.

Tie TimeTec TA to Your Efforts and Create a Healthy Cycle
First, you need an ‘Improved Staff Performance.’

TimeTec TA Features:
1. Monitor Attendance via 5 Clocking Methods 
(Mobile app, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, and Beacon) 

2. Traceable Records
Oversee daily attendance, unreported work staff, applied leaves, and overtime data 

3. Predefined Schedules 
Locate the location, time, and date of the team to ensure employees are working dutifully at their assigned stations. 

4. Eliminate Redundant Tasks
Automate and relief your employees from repetitive daily tasks such as inputting 
information, overseeing data processes, and generating analysis reports.

Then, you will be able to seize an ‘Increased Product & Service Quality’

Get Ambitious with TimeTec TA:
1. Fault Tolerance System
Organizations want error rates low. TimeTec TA is excellent at reducing human error in job performance. Prevent your team from unintentional faults and give no excuse for the delivery of product quality and customer services.

2. Promote Operation-wise Approaches
Develop a more goal-oriented business model while the focus on workforce management - such trivial matters can be handled systematically by TimeTec TA. 

Finally, you will relish with an ‘Increased Value Stream Productivity’

Growing and Fulfilling Management Mission with TimeTec TA:
1. Systemization 
Avoid catastrophic mismanagement of the organization and proceed with a solid future state for the series of procedures to handle internal disputes. 

2. Centralization
Frame viable strategies and take appropriate measures based on accurate data that retrieves from only one authorized system.

3. No Waste of Resources & Time
Boost productivity by reducing work processing time and unnecessary workload while adapting the conventional way of working into a more eco-friendly organization with an environmentally friendly solution.   

4. Bigger Opportunity to Fix Work
All features updated with TimeTec TA are accessible. Data are transmitted and stored via Cloud technology for constant management improvement. Deploying TimeTec TA is also safeguarding a better opportunity to help your organization to maintain higher efficiency in dealing with unexpected circumstances, and this is true. 

A successful organization relies heavily on what’s behind the wheel, and that is an actual operating system to support and drive forward the growth of the team. TimeTec TA is an evolution of cloud technology, targeted to enhance workforce management most confidently and loyally.  

* An article is written by TimeTec COO, Ms Norana Johar, covering the topic on how TimeTec TA is the remedial solution to your gatekeeping problem! Read the full article here.

How TimeTec Workforce Solutions Deliver Value by Automation

There was a time when employees reported to work by signing on a logbook located at the front desk. The workforce system was non-existence, and employee matters were handled manually. 

Fast forward to 2020, have things changed for the better?

For some, change is natural. For some others, it needs a nudge and eventually a push to seek improvements. Surprisingly, there are still many government and private sector organizations that prefer to stick to what they know and manage their business in the 'usual' way. In fact, many are still loyal to a punch card system for time and attendance monitoring, using the physical form to submit leave applications, signing in on a logbook for visitor management, and there goes the list continuing...

So, it begs the question of why automation should be appealing to the traditionalists? What are the advantages of this change and is the cost justifiable? Those who prefer the old ways might shy away from exploring new ways due to a lack of knowledge and expertise, and some are concerned about the high investment of a new system. It has to be stressed that the old-fashioned way could cost a business a hefty price and a hindrance to its future growth.    

Automation in business comes with numerous advantages. It is not merely a buzzword or a trend in business, and it is not limited to the system in the production line, it is also crucial for workforce management. Improvement in the internal process is the key to healthy growth. Businesses have to welcome automation in all aspects with open arms. Amongst the benefits of automation is the reduction of admin work, which translates to a reduction in the work hours, which eventually reduces the overall operating cost as a whole. Besides, automation streamlines communication, it provides greater visibility to the stakeholders, it offers efficient task management, improves operational stability, improves work quality, and increases employee engagement. 

And let's explore how TimeTec cloud solutions deliver values from automation.

Data Collection is a massive problem for many organizations, particularly the ones that have multiple branches locally and abroad. How to get all the data in the system uniform and in a reliable manner? TimeTec delivers automation in data collection through the ability to connect to the data collecting tools at various points. For time attendance solution, as an example, TimeTec TA users can report time through biometrics readers and many ways through the App, and all data collected will be available either in the branch and in the headquarters ready for processing. All these tools are connected seamlessly into the system, making it convenient for both users and administrators. For the leave management system, TimeTec Leave, data comes from the App and the web, centralized for the convenience of the superiors and administrators. Ultimately, TimeTec systems make data collection simple and reliable. 

Data Settings/Scheduling for a manual system is a long process because it has to be done, repeatedly, all over again, month in, month out or depending on the cycle. With TimeTec solutions, administrators need to figure out the settings and the schedules at the beginning of the implementation, and they will be applied for all or selected users until some specific amendments are required. Having all settings and schedules done right once reduces a lot of tedious work by the administrator throughout the year. TimeTec solutions offer versatile settings that fit diverse customer requirements.

Data Processing is another uphill challenge in a manual system. TimeTec solutions offer automatic data processing based on the settings and schedules that have been preset, making the process easier and quicker. Automation in data processing provides the admin with reliable data for payroll and other human resource purposes at any time of day because of data accessibility and centralization. Data in TimeTec solutions are ever ready for the organization to apply.

Report and Analysis. The report presents the data as is, while analysis is the interpretation of the data for specific purposes. TimeTec provides a variety of both automatically. It saves time, it is reliable, accurate, and presentable. 

There is no Monitoring in a manual system. If there is, it has to be manually done and impracticable. TimeTec solutions, on the other hand, provide many tools for the management to automatically monitor workforce activities, performance, and productivity. For example, the GPS clocking in TimeTec TA will provide the company with a contract tracing of the whereabouts of the staff during office hours. Plus, TimeTec provides automatic Notifications on multiple aspects to alert all the parties involved in the updates. 

Switching to an automated and digitized system like TimeTec is no longer a question to contemplate by companies in the 21st century. A small investment for this change will bring about a mountain of benefits to the business operation and sustainability in the long run. There is no room for sentimentalism. The manual system is not cost-effective, to say the least. It is time to chuck them out to achieve better productivity, quality, and engagement in your business. At the end of the day, your business requires data that can provide you with ways to save cost, time, and make informed decisions. 

TimeTec solutions are cloud-based workforce solutions designed to deliver more values to your organizations at an affordable and scalable price. Apart from automation, TimeTec solutions provide more values through their varied features and functions. Explore TimeTec solutions at 

TimeTec Biometrics Thermal Products

When Covid-19 hit, there are plenty of thermal face recognition products out there trying to grab the new opportunity in the new normal, especially when the normal businesses get hit hard. 

Almost all the similar products are from the country that first detected the Coronavirus. Nevertheless, these are the transitional products for temporarily measuring the body temperatures during the Covid threat, and they would be literally useless when the crisis is over if it comes without proper software. 

What is the proper software to prolong their life cycles and put them into normal use? 
The core software: Time Attendance and Access Control
The supplementary software: visitor management

And frankly, rarely any hardware providers have either one, not to mention both or more. Most of them claimed they have, but proved otherwise. And China manufacturers are good at producing hardware, none of them come up with good software products. 

Then who should the customers look for to save their huge investment? 

TimeTec la. Who else? 

We have been in the market for twenty years, have developed the world-class Windows and cloud-based time attendance, access control system, and visitor management as well, perfectly integrated with biometrics device cum temperature module. 

We help our customers in their Digital Transformation in the workforce management in the new normal with the health screening module, not only confined to the limited short-term purpose temporary body temperature measures without any added value. 

The opportunists’ advertisements shout very loud, but timid in every in-depth deliverable. 

And ya, our products are selling like hotcakes.

Teh Hon Seng, Group CEO of TimeTec Group of Companies. Prior to forming TimeTec, Teh led PUC Founder (MSC) Bhd to be listed on MESDAQ (ACE) market of Bursa Malaysia in 2002. Teh initiated the R&D in fingerprint technology in 2000, which later developed into a renowned global brand for commercial fingerprint product known as FingerTec. In 2008, he foresaw the trend of cloud computing and mobile technology, and over the years, he had strategically diversified and transformed its biometric-focused products into a suite of cloud solutions that aimed at workforce management and security industries including smart communities that centered around the cloud ecosystem. Teh has more than 10 patents to his name, and he is also a columnist in a local newspaper and a writer of several books.