The Need to Change is the Need to Make Things Better

This was how I applied for leave just a short two years ago. It was a three-step process every time. First, I called the HR manager Liza to give me the update on my leave balance. Then, I filled, printed and submitted a pdf form to her for the CEO approval. Last was the approval confirmation. Subsequently, Liza had to update me with the balance.

And I'm one of the many employees who are entitled to leaves in this company.

How could Liza get anything done with all the queries from the staff about the leaves? Why haven't we come up with a better system to deal with this every day, lesser ROI task?

Definitely, there is a better way of handling this repetitive, unproductive task for the admin.

The need to change is the need to make things better. If changing doesn't impact, why bother to change in the first place?

Why should a company be focusing on leave? The answer is, why not. Why should we put X amount of work that is giving us less return? Therefore, the goal is to automate the X so we can focus on other more profitable tasks.

So how does an automated cloud-based leave management system like TimeTec Leave change a company for the better? 

Stop doing a repetitive, unproductive task - Normal doesn't translate to practical. It's just that people have been doing a particular thing a certain way for an extended period, so it's accepted and becomes a norm. People used to hand wash clothes for hours before washing machine comes along. If you think that it's okay to print a form, fill it up and pass it to the superior which then give the form to his/her superior to approve, you are way behind time, and that has got to stop. If there is a better way of doing it, and it's not expensive, as a business, it's a crime not to explore.

Stop doing the calculation, recalculation and updating of data - Why do we always need to call HR for the leave balance? What do you have to do to cancel your leave application? Has the balance be credited into my account at the right time? When the system is set up right, TimeTec Leave answers all these questions for you through its app without your staff having to get involved in the (calculation) process. Less error, more effective.

Be quicker and more transparent - Approving a leave shouldn't take days, TimeTec Leave can settle it within minutes. A staff opens the app, apply for a leave, the superior gets a notification, approves the leave on the app, and the balance gets updated. Every detail is there for both parties to see. If the leave requires multiple approvers, multiple days, etc, TimeTec Leave handles it excellently on the app.

Provide more readily available Reports and Analysis - Investment in a new system must provide something better. With TimeTec Leave, reports and analysis are better and useful for the business. Now you know the leave pattern of your staff and departments, and plan your business around it to make your organization more productive, and your team more engaged at the same time. Subscribing to a system like TimeTec Leave gives you more data and more in-depth view of your company's workforce that you can use to strengthen the business.

Less paperwork, less wastage - Cliche? Perhaps. But, why do we need to use paper if it's not necessary? In these days, data is crucial, paperwork not. We can do a lot more without doing the paperwork, without using more resources and occupying more space. TimeTec Leave provides the data without taking space nor time.

Businesses need to start making changes for the better. Leave is a system where your organization should consider first because it covers all the workforce, and it is personal. Once you have gotten used to the efficiency of the cloud-based system, you wouldn't want to turn back, we promise.

Overcoming Hiring Challenges Towards 2020

Hiring is costly. The vacant position is costing your company money and the hiring process even so if the process is lengthy, and require substantial resources. Every company wants to cherrypick the available candidates out there, but without having the right candidates or the proper process, bad hires can cost your company even more money than it should. Out of desperation, companies often settle with the best of what they have at the moment, without finding remedies to the challenges that they are facing when it comes to hiring. Perhaps, companies need to find a way to overcome the hiring challenges they face as they march towards 2020.

How to appeal to the right candidates?
When a job post created, applications start pouring. The problem is, the majority of the applicants are not the ones you are looking for. So, what's the solution? It's crucial that the hiring team knows the criteria required for a position, and therefore, ask the right questions to sift through a pool of candidates. For example, if the role requires English proficiency, it's wise NOT to ask do you have English proficiency, because a majority who are desperate for a job would answer yes and hoping to go to the next stage of the hiring process. From my own experience, candidates who put 8/10 English proficiency could barely communicate in English well, let alone write a decent piece. Therefore, instead of asking for honesty, you should build a question that would make you come to the correct conclusion, like, how many grammatical errors can you spot in this paragraph? Or if the position is technical, let the candidate answer technical-related questions earlier on, so you won't be wasting time entertaining the non-qualified ones in the next stage.

How to employ good candidates?
Good candidates always know their worth. Hence, they rarely act out of desperation, they are good at pacing themselves, and at the same time, they keep their options open, considering a few offers that come their way carefully. Therefore, attracting good candidates require effective persuasion from employers who have to figure out what makes these candidates tick. Perhaps it's the money, perhaps it's leadership, perhaps it's the culture. Be prepared to influence these candidates with what they want rather than what the company needs.

How to hire fast effectively? 
Every day that a crucial position vacates, the company is losing money due to delayed operation or interrupted workflow. When a post is required, it has to fill up fast. There are two types of hire: Common roles, Crucial roles. For the common roles such as retail assistants, f&b workers, skip the complicated and long hiring process because it's utterly unnecessary, time-consuming, and not to mention, costly. The hiring process needs to be straightforward and pinpoint the questions to get decent candidates to fill up the post. Nevertheless, Crucial roles like the Chiefs would require a thorough hiring process and a sufficient timeline to reduce the risk. A rush decision on a Crucial role can have a devastating impact on the company as a whole.

How to create an efficient hiring process? 
Sifting through a pile of resumes can be daunting, ineffective, and possible bias, mainly when a group of people who measures it based it on their own standards and interpretation. The outcome of the resume selection process determines the candidates that the hiring team is going to meet during the interview sessions. To ensure that the interview candidates are a group of qualified applicants, the company has to improve the resume-sifting process and make it automated. The hiring team needs to input the metrics they want for a position and when the resume comes in, all the details filtered to present the best matching candidates with the qualifications in the shortest amount of time possible.

How to eliminate bias?
Even when the resume selection has been processed automatically, the overall hiring process could still be prone to bias during other hire stages. Therefore, a standardized scorecard is an excellent tool for interviewers to fill up for transparency. Additionally, the company could impose questionnaires and tests to gauge a candidate's level of knowledge and expertise in a subject or a position.

We are in 2019. It's about time that companies are taking charge of their hiring process and choose a system that can help streamline the process, offer better team collaboration, and keep all candidates information centralized.

TimeTec Hire by TimeTec Cloud offers a cloud-based recruitment solution that possesses all these fantastic features and more:

ATS - Applicant Tracking System
Job Post Templates - To help you get started with your job posts
Questionnaires Tool - Design suitable questionnaires to land you desirable candidates
Interview Scheduling Tool - To schedule interviews and keep everyone involved informed and prepared
Interview Scorecards - A standardized feedback form for all interviewers
Job Offer - To streamline job offer processes
Onboarding Process - To assimilate the new hire into your organization conveniently

Contact us for a demo, or you can go to and sign-up for a 14-day FREE TimeTec Hire trial account with 10 job posts, unlimited users.

Customer Success Binds the B2B Cloud Service Providers and their Customers

It has now been almost 15 years since the start of cloud service startups such as Salesforce and Google, and today, businesses are moving towards Software as a Service (SaaS) with increasing subscriber’s demands from all over the world. The shift in product delivery has made it easier for businesses to find and commit to the right product which can help them achieve their goals at lesser investment and shorter time frame. Hence, cloud service providers are challenged more than ever to help their customers succeed in achieving their goals, and for that reason Customer Success function was introduced.

Customer Success or also known as Customer Advocate is playing a vital role for both ends of a B2B deal.

So, what is Customer Success? 
Customer Success is the company success, whereby customer success managers play the role of injecting the success ideas into action. Yet, they are not the only ones navigating these ideas to create success for a business. Customer success ensures that clients are getting the most out of the product they invested in, and for that to happen, all functions within the company, from logistic members, to sales reps to customer support or service, and to Customer Success team managers have to work together towards achieving the goal. TimeTec Cloud is setting an example of this harmony between different departments, where sales reps, software implementers and customer success managers work together to know and understand their clients and their needs to grow. 

Exploring the Role and Importance of Customer Success
With the growth of the subscription economy, customers are simply one click away from quitting your products. Although, it is much easier for them to quit on your products now with the availability of cloud services, they have to do it for the price of the time and money they have spent on the product not knowing that the service provided by your company does not align with their goals in early stages. 

Customer success is to ensure this alignment is happening from the early stages.

At TimeTec, we identify the client’s business goals, their finances and resources as well as expectations before the product is even implemented. And with this, the customer success will need to connect the customer’s needs to the promises the product makes during the sales pitch. We came up with a designated implementation team, whose job is to design client onboarding process, from day 1 of setup to training to continuously working closely with the clients to solve any issues and solving them impeccably. 

Products offered usually can operate in various ways depending on the users and the situations, and it is the role of customer success to understand the client’s needs and how the products can add more value to the customers. For example, by absorbing the clients’ feedback and concerns, customer success managers will need to communicate with the product designers, developers, support members and sales to improve the efficiency of the products in various ways. Consequently this process will lead to a production of better features that can be delivered beyond customers’ expectations and the customers are gaining more value on their investment and will remain loyal to the brand/company. With that said, Customer Success is indeed playing an important role in reducing churn rate and increasing revenue for the company. 

Customer success managers also have to study into all the existing customers, and continuously measure their customer’s success rate with the products to ensure that they stay on their main goal of using the product for the long term.

In short, Customer Success helps tying loose ends and keep all stakeholders in check which brings a win-win situation for both ends. 

  • • It helps ensuring clients expectations are not only met, but also provide more values to their investment on the product. 
  • • It helps align company’s internal success between various teams, the product and the customer success for better results.  
  • • It is the wall against your customer decision to shift to that new startup that could disrupt your business success. 

TimeTec believes in customer success because your success is our success and we want to embark on this cloud journey together.

HR-ing in the Digital Era

AI, Big Data, cloud services, Internet of Thing - these are the latest buzzwords we’ve heard so much about lately. All these technology enhancements change the way organizations operate; where most systems are offered online, made transparent and accessible at any time, anywhere. But why and how does this digital transformation affected human resource or HR?

Organizations that are ready to adopt this digital transformation need to brace for various changes in their systems either abruptly or progressively including their daily work processes, recruiting flow, on boarding process and workforce management, and when the workforce is concerned, HR is in charge. Therefore, HR professionals have to play a role in ensuring that the changes made would not interrupt the business operation.

Here we provide 3 important aspects that every HR professional should consider when selecting new systems:

Automation in Recruitment
While old school HR sifts through resumes to find the right ones to interview, modern HR should be using advanced technologies to automate the recruiting process. Why? Because they can and the tool is available for use. One perfect example of a recruitment cloud solution that offers Applicant Tracking System is TimeTec Hire, where resume screening process is done automatically based on the settings provided by the HR/recruiting team. Say a company is looking for a copywriter with at least 2 years writing experience having a degree in English and great personality. By using TimeTec Hire, an admin or a recruitment personnel can set these requirements as mandatory e.g. 2 years writing experience, a degree in English, and etc, and when resumes started coming in, these requirements will be compared against the resumes and the system will shortlist a few candidates to go through the next process such as a quiz with a string of relevant questionnaires. Successful candidates of the quiz will then proceed to the interview session, where interviewers will have to fill up the interview score card set in the system for the system to average out the result.

There are plenty of benefits for company to use TimeTec Hire. The obvious ones are time saving, reduce demand on valuable resources, and everybody involved in the process will be kept on their toes on progress and update of recruitment process. Apart from that, automation of recruitment using the likes of TimeTec Hire will eliminate bias that is quite apparent in many organizations because naturally, most people want to do a favor to other people, hence, ‘cheating’ in the recruiting process by selecting candidates dear to the recruiter. TimeTec Hire as well simplifies the onboarding process because when the data are available, the data can be transferred into the HR system such as TimeTec Profile to be further completed with other necessary information. Having your own recruitment solution gives the control back to you, and provide you with comfort knowing that no prospective candidates escape your attention. And one other thing, after all is done, the data are kept organized, secured and easily accessible even after a few months, and this alone is a relief to many HR personnel who are in charge of filing and documentations.

Workforce Analysis Capability
Besides recruitment solution, today’s companies also need other workforce solutions to streamline processes and it is imperative that the 21st century solutions provide more than automation to the HR. Good solutions must not only be of convenience to the admin and users at large, they also must be able to provide analysis on the organization’s workforce, such as work performance analysis, predict employee flight risk, overview of employees Key Performance Indicator (KPI), discipline indicators and etc. The advantages of a cloud-based system is data accessibility. However, data are just numbers and information, and without analysis or interpretation, nothing much can be derived from any solutions. At the one hand, HR can draw their own conclusions from their observations. However, the accuracy of those conclusions could be questionable. On the other hand, by having a system such as TimeTec TA, the cloud-based time and attendance solution that collects attendance/clocking data based on the schedule/roster set by the admin at their disposal. HR can analyze employees’ work rates percentages, identify problematic areas, plan for remedial actions to improve the workforce’s discipline and eventually, productivity, all using reliable and accurate data collected from their employees overtime. In short by HR tapping on an awesome workforce tool like TimeTec TA, they have access to analysis charts to provide an overview of the whole organization down to the selected individuals.

Mobile Technology is Not Optional Anymore
Another technology that HR needs to pay attention to is mobile technology. Smartphone usage is  no longer about calling someone dan texting them. It has evolved to include more useful functions such as e-wallet, banking activities, health and fitness, smart community, music and more. Some useful features that smartphones offer are real time, GPS whereabouts, photos, instant notification and instant updates. Therefore, developers are exploiting those features to offer cool Apps for work and leisure alike. One such App that puts the cool smartphone features to use is TimeTec Leave, the cloud-based leave management system by TimeTec. The App lets employees apply their leave via smartphone and at the same time, the boss or superior will receive the application instantly for review and approval. The employees can also view their leave information such as leave allowances, leave types, leave balances, leave calendar, leave policy and much more from the App. The employer on the hand can derive the leave data for analysis and find areas for improvement to increase employee’s engagement. The mobile technology is part of the digital revolution, and not only a solution like TimeTec Leave is using it, TimeTec TA offers various clocking methods via the App for convenience amongst other useful features offered to consumers. Therefore, HR needs to open up to smartphone Application usage to create better working process and better results for the company. 

As a conclusion, in moving forward HR has to embrace comprehensive and transparent systems that not only able to analyze but also evaluate data and information, while at the same time offering platforms that are inclusive all employees’ views and feedback. The digital era closes the gap between HR and employees more than ever by presenting various options and channels of communication to utilize. The only thing HR professionals need to do is to imagine new ways of delivering HR services to its organization and deploy the technologies available to their advantage.

TimeTec Hire Beta version will be available in July, so head on to to try!

Managing Part-Time Workers Attendance with TimeTec TA: A magic tool businesses should have at their disposal

Part-time employment is integral in most labour forces, and according to the recent World Bank data, it even constitutes to more than 40% of total employment in countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland and Australia. This translates to a significant number of workers that are usually scattered across all industries. Why so many part-time workers? In some cases, industry requirements or corporate strategies results in employers looking for more part-time employees or cutting back hours. On the other hand, it could also be by choice, due to a range of factors like study commitments, childcare, nature of jobs available and personal preferences.

For many companies, engaging part-time staff is a great option. Companies get to control overhead, hire based on workload or specialist skills required, as well as retain valuable staff that wish to switch from full-time work. However, from a HR perspective, managing their attendance and payroll claims might be a hassle.

If your company happens to be one of those employing part-time staff, let’s consider some of the ways that TimeTec TA can help.

Don’t Waste Money - Subscribe to What You Only Need

Some organisations rely heavily on part-timers to cope with spikes in workload and demand. For instance, retail and hospitality business booms around festive and holiday seasons while the education industry goes busy during school terms. When staff count increases, your attendance management system will also have to accommodate the expansion. With TimeTec TA cloud application, this will not be an issue as the system is capable of maintaining its performance and response regardless of whether increasing or decreasing the number of users and size of data for processing. You can scale up for the periods when business grows and scale back down during off seasons.

The user management module is also user friendly, as Admins can easily add users or import employee data and instantly deactivate users once they leave the company. Effective user management is essential when HR have to manage a constant turnover of part-timers. Imagine how much administrative task this involves if your company have newcomers every other day or week in never-ending cycles.

In tandem with that, cost wise, the application also offers good value, as you can adjust the subscription based on real-time business requirements. You only have to pay for what is currently needed and we even provide an option for monthly subscription, so if you hire a few more part-time staff as helping hands for a month long event, just tack on the extra licenses for a month to your account and you will be good to go. The starting cost is also relatively low, a tiny fraction of salary or wages.

Versatile Clocking - Monitoring On the Get Go

In terms of collecting attendance, you can also find many Clocking options that comes with TimeTec TA. Besides supporting FingerTec terminal connection, the system has a few clocking methods that do not require any new hardware in order to use it, such as GPS or Wifi clocking via the TimeTec TA mobile App. Additionally, if preferred, you can also pair the App with NFC tags or Beacons. You can mix the options, choose one method for office staff and another for mobile ones.

The App is probably the best choice for staff that are not based at the central workplace. Some companies will have part-timers working in multiple branches or outlets. At other places, the staff may work from remote locations such as event venue or project sites, not to mention those working from home. To facilitate attendance clocking, these employees just need to install TimeTec TA App into their smartphones, login and they can start clocking from anywhere. If you wish to, you can also permit supervisor clocking whereby the supervisor on site can be the one that does clocking for your part-timers, together with photo verification.

Attendance Approval for Claim - Saves Time Gains Accuracy

For part-time jobs such as sales assistants, waiters, caregivers, tutors, university staff and etc., one common distinguishing trait is that often, the employees are paid by hourly or daily rates, with extras on public holidays. On top of that, the work hours can be variable, determined on an as needed basis by the supervisor. As such, for HR to process payroll for certain part-timers, it’s a must for them to submit claim forms which are signed off by a supervisor.

With our system, during this approval process, supervisors can easily access the updated attendance records to recheck actual hours worked, even through the mobile App. Moreover, there is an Attendance approval function that can be enabled if you require these approvers to acknowledge that they verified the attendance sheet and it matches the hours claimed. Therefore, HR does not have to step in to prepare the attendance records beforehand and can delegate all the detailed checking to supervisors which saves time for payroll processing. Not only that, if you are looking for online Overtime approval, it is also one of the options available.

Flexible Scheduling & Roster Made Easy

When it comes to part-time work arrangements, there are all kinds out there. There are those that work the normal week at fixed times, some work by the hour or by sessions booked, and others only on certain days of the week. Part-time sales promoters often take on week-long to month-long jobs and they could be working consecutive days in that period.  It can get complicated and difficult to track, so you need a flexible system like TimeTec TA that takes care of all the different scheduling requirements. With this solution, supervisors are able to quickly create weekly, daily or flexi schedules that will suit any kind of part-time staff. Use a flexi schedule if employees are allowed to clock in/out at any time or a daily schedule for those on shifts.

Detailed Reports and Transparency Every Single Time

Ultimately, the purpose of an attendance management system is to keep track of attendance and provide useful information to the right people. TimeTec TA provides data for attendance, work hours, short hours, overtime and more with Attendance Sheet and Reports. There is also multi-user access, which means everyone involved such as HR, Head of Departments, supervisors and the employees themselves will be able to access relevant and real-time information. Giving access to the staff is particularly important, whether for transparency and fairness or to enable claims submission. This also allows them to check for discrepancies and if they do spot errors, initiate a request to edit attendance.

With the numerous features available in TimeTec TA, you will surely find a few, if not more, that helps to improve your company’s attendance management, whether for part-time or full-time employees. To find out more, you can sign up for a free trial or contact us at