Fulfilling Operation Goals with TimeTec Smart Attendance

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“What are the operation goals of your business?” 

Most acknowledge that a rhetorical question will prep readers of what’s coming. Here comes another question that is worthy of being pondered on. 

“What exactly do operational goals mean?”

They are short-term goals that should be achieved within a predetermined time frame, focused targets, and attainable. 

Operational goals should serve 4 essential purposes: 
(1) Provide guidance and direction, 
(2) Facilitate planning, 
(3) Motivate and inspire employees, and 
(4) Help organizations evaluate and control performance. 

By identifying fundamental workforce objectives, these short term goals are going to contribute tremendously to your long-term business viability. Realization of this, this blog post will be an article of faith in which one should accept that these small goals do make a big difference in many ways. Since the saying goes, “To achieve big goals, start with small habits.”

We being a trusted brand in the market that provisions hardware products to develop and offer cloud solution services and integration, always pledge to place customers’ needs to the forefront of our business agenda.

Take a step back to what we have talked about earlier; you are going to need to build a powerfully successful team to make things happen - To be more accurate, to carry out these operation goals. But how certain are you to maintain, function and then strive to excel? TimeTec TA is going to enlighten you in many beneficial ways when it takes its full swing at your operating system.

Tie TimeTec TA to Your Efforts and Create a Healthy Cycle
First, you need an ‘Improved Staff Performance.’

TimeTec TA Features:
1. Monitor Attendance via 5 Clocking Methods 
(Mobile app, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, and Beacon) 

2. Traceable Records
Oversee daily attendance, unreported work staff, applied leaves, and overtime data 

3. Predefined Schedules 
Locate the location, time, and date of the team to ensure employees are working dutifully at their assigned stations. 

4. Eliminate Redundant Tasks
Automate and relief your employees from repetitive daily tasks such as inputting 
information, overseeing data processes, and generating analysis reports.

Then, you will be able to seize an ‘Increased Product & Service Quality’

Get Ambitious with TimeTec TA:
1. Fault Tolerance System
Organizations want error rates low. TimeTec TA is excellent at reducing human error in job performance. Prevent your team from unintentional faults and give no excuse for the delivery of product quality and customer services.

2. Promote Operation-wise Approaches
Develop a more goal-oriented business model while the focus on workforce management - such trivial matters can be handled systematically by TimeTec TA. 

Finally, you will relish with an ‘Increased Value Stream Productivity’

Growing and Fulfilling Management Mission with TimeTec TA:
1. Systemization 
Avoid catastrophic mismanagement of the organization and proceed with a solid future state for the series of procedures to handle internal disputes. 

2. Centralization
Frame viable strategies and take appropriate measures based on accurate data that retrieves from only one authorized system.

3. No Waste of Resources & Time
Boost productivity by reducing work processing time and unnecessary workload while adapting the conventional way of working into a more eco-friendly organization with an environmentally friendly solution.   

4. Bigger Opportunity to Fix Work
All features updated with TimeTec TA are accessible. Data are transmitted and stored via Cloud technology for constant management improvement. Deploying TimeTec TA is also safeguarding a better opportunity to help your organization to maintain higher efficiency in dealing with unexpected circumstances, and this is true. 

A successful organization relies heavily on what’s behind the wheel, and that is an actual operating system to support and drive forward the growth of the team. TimeTec TA is an evolution of cloud technology, targeted to enhance workforce management most confidently and loyally.  

* An article is written by TimeTec COO, Ms Norana Johar, covering the topic on how TimeTec TA is the remedial solution to your gatekeeping problem! Read the full article here.


How TimeTec Workforce Solutions Deliver Value by Automation

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There was a time when employees reported to work by signing on a logbook located at the front desk. The workforce system was non-existence, and employee matters were handled manually. 

Fast forward to 2020, have things changed for the better?

For some, change is natural. For some others, it needs a nudge and eventually a push to seek improvements. Surprisingly, there are still many government and private sector organizations that prefer to stick to what they know and manage their business in the 'usual' way. In fact, many are still loyal to a punch card system for time and attendance monitoring, using the physical form to submit leave applications, signing in on a logbook for visitor management, and there goes the list continuing...

So, it begs the question of why automation should be appealing to the traditionalists? What are the advantages of this change and is the cost justifiable? Those who prefer the old ways might shy away from exploring new ways due to a lack of knowledge and expertise, and some are concerned about the high investment of a new system. It has to be stressed that the old-fashioned way could cost a business a hefty price and a hindrance to its future growth.    

Automation in business comes with numerous advantages. It is not merely a buzzword or a trend in business, and it is not limited to the system in the production line, it is also crucial for workforce management. Improvement in the internal process is the key to healthy growth. Businesses have to welcome automation in all aspects with open arms. Amongst the benefits of automation is the reduction of admin work, which translates to a reduction in the work hours, which eventually reduces the overall operating cost as a whole. Besides, automation streamlines communication, it provides greater visibility to the stakeholders, it offers efficient task management, improves operational stability, improves work quality, and increases employee engagement. 

And let's explore how TimeTec cloud solutions deliver values from automation.

Data Collection is a massive problem for many organizations, particularly the ones that have multiple branches locally and abroad. How to get all the data in the system uniform and in a reliable manner? TimeTec delivers automation in data collection through the ability to connect to the data collecting tools at various points. For time attendance solution, as an example, TimeTec TA users can report time through biometrics readers and many ways through the App, and all data collected will be available either in the branch and in the headquarters ready for processing. All these tools are connected seamlessly into the system, making it convenient for both users and administrators. For the leave management system, TimeTec Leave, data comes from the App and the web, centralized for the convenience of the superiors and administrators. Ultimately, TimeTec systems make data collection simple and reliable. 

Data Settings/Scheduling for a manual system is a long process because it has to be done, repeatedly, all over again, month in, month out or depending on the cycle. With TimeTec solutions, administrators need to figure out the settings and the schedules at the beginning of the implementation, and they will be applied for all or selected users until some specific amendments are required. Having all settings and schedules done right once reduces a lot of tedious work by the administrator throughout the year. TimeTec solutions offer versatile settings that fit diverse customer requirements.

Data Processing is another uphill challenge in a manual system. TimeTec solutions offer automatic data processing based on the settings and schedules that have been preset, making the process easier and quicker. Automation in data processing provides the admin with reliable data for payroll and other human resource purposes at any time of day because of data accessibility and centralization. Data in TimeTec solutions are ever ready for the organization to apply.

Report and Analysis. The report presents the data as is, while analysis is the interpretation of the data for specific purposes. TimeTec provides a variety of both automatically. It saves time, it is reliable, accurate, and presentable. 

There is no Monitoring in a manual system. If there is, it has to be manually done and impracticable. TimeTec solutions, on the other hand, provide many tools for the management to automatically monitor workforce activities, performance, and productivity. For example, the GPS clocking in TimeTec TA will provide the company with a contract tracing of the whereabouts of the staff during office hours. Plus, TimeTec provides automatic Notifications on multiple aspects to alert all the parties involved in the updates. 

Switching to an automated and digitized system like TimeTec is no longer a question to contemplate by companies in the 21st century. A small investment for this change will bring about a mountain of benefits to the business operation and sustainability in the long run. There is no room for sentimentalism. The manual system is not cost-effective, to say the least. It is time to chuck them out to achieve better productivity, quality, and engagement in your business. At the end of the day, your business requires data that can provide you with ways to save cost, time, and make informed decisions. 

TimeTec solutions are cloud-based workforce solutions designed to deliver more values to your organizations at an affordable and scalable price. Apart from automation, TimeTec solutions provide more values through their varied features and functions. Explore TimeTec solutions at www.timeteccloud.com 


TimeTec Biometrics Thermal Products

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When Covid-19 hit, there are plenty of thermal face recognition products out there trying to grab the new opportunity in the new normal, especially when the normal businesses get hit hard. 

Almost all the similar products are from the country that first detected the Coronavirus. Nevertheless, these are the transitional products for temporarily measuring the body temperatures during the Covid threat, and they would be literally useless when the crisis is over if it comes without proper software. 

What is the proper software to prolong their life cycles and put them into normal use? 
The core software: Time Attendance and Access Control
The supplementary software: visitor management

And frankly, rarely any hardware providers have either one, not to mention both or more. Most of them claimed they have, but proved otherwise. And China manufacturers are good at producing hardware, none of them come up with good software products. 

Then who should the customers look for to save their huge investment? 

TimeTec la. Who else? 

We have been in the market for twenty years, have developed the world-class Windows and cloud-based time attendance, access control system, and visitor management as well, perfectly integrated with biometrics device cum temperature module. 

We help our customers in their Digital Transformation in the workforce management in the new normal with the health screening module, not only confined to the limited short-term purpose temporary body temperature measures without any added value. 

The opportunists’ advertisements shout very loud, but timid in every in-depth deliverable. 

And ya, our products are selling like hotcakes.

Teh Hon Seng, Group CEO of TimeTec Group of Companies. Prior to forming TimeTec, Teh led PUC Founder (MSC) Bhd to be listed on MESDAQ (ACE) market of Bursa Malaysia in 2002. Teh initiated the R&D in fingerprint technology in 2000, which later developed into a renowned global brand for commercial fingerprint product known as FingerTec. In 2008, he foresaw the trend of cloud computing and mobile technology, and over the years, he had strategically diversified and transformed its biometric-focused products into a suite of cloud solutions that aimed at workforce management and security industries including smart communities that centered around the cloud ecosystem. Teh has more than 10 patents to his name, and he is also a columnist in a local newspaper and a writer of several books.


SMEs Digitalization Journey Needs to Start ASAP

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Digitalization is a buzzword that's been on many initiatives by the government and government bodies of late. More and more businesses are exploring digitalization, but with all the hype, must the small and medium companies join the bandwagon and start the digitalization journey for their businesses as well? The answer is capital, YES, and there are no two ways about it.

When the Covid-19 hit the world, and when governments ordered everything to shut down, many businesses were left without access to data. Work from home means nothing if the crucial data is not available to the teams, and managing business becomes harder without vital information. If the pandemic didn't teach us anything, nothing would. 

I might be biased on digitalization because I supply various digitalization solutions. But, knowing the impact of digitalization on the operation, I recommend all businesses, big and small, to initiate this process the soonest possible as to not to get left behind.  In short, digitalization refers to improving processes by using digital technologies and digitized data to your benefits.

Now, the question is, why and how? 

An organization needs to make informed decisions all the time, and nothing beats having the right data available at your disposal for that matter. Digitalization delivers data-driven insights to companies through the right solutions they adopt. For example, how do you know that you need to add more headcount to operation? A sharp and consistent increase in overtime work hours is an alarming occasion you should be aware of. How to manage workforce availability during festive periods? Figure out the leave pattern from the existing data and plan accordingly to ensure smooth operation and maintain employee engagement. 

To err is human, digitalization is divine. Humans are prone to errors, but it doesn't mean that humans can't mitigate those errors with the right solutions. Automation reduces errors to the minimum and provides the much-needed accuracy that a business desires. Set your solution(s) to the settings your business needs, and let the system provide you with the outcome of expect. For example, workforce management is a tedious work involving multiple areas such as attendance, leave, payroll, claim, etc. It's only wise for a business to automate tedious processes like clocking time, clocking hours, leave accruals, leave calculations, and focus on more important matters such as staff engagement and development. 

Providing all the right digital solutions will empower your staff to engage with the tasks at hand better and more effectively, and release them from the bore of doing manual tasks. However, while many are familiar to navigate with the latest technologies, companies need to pay attention to the older employees who might shy away from learning the new solutions. 

Having Smart Attendance on mobile like TimeTec TA improves processes and provides accurate data all the time. 

Digitalization is necessary to optimize processes. We can't continue running businesses today using the past decade's strategies. Connectivity and accessibility are the keys to running companies in this century. There are plenty of affordable cloud solutions out there that can assist business workflow, consolidation of applications, making data accessible by the right people, at the right price. Digitalization is no longer exclusive to those bigger players with a big budget and a legion of the IT team. 

Businesses need to kick start digital transformation as soon as yesterday. It could be a gradual and slow process, unique for every business, but companies have to start somewhere. Eventually, all businesses should aim to operate digitally in the 21st century because that's the responsible thing to do to stay relevant in this digitized world. 

Note: TimeTec offers 3-month FREE Smart Attendance to SMEs in Malaysia only. Click this link and fill-up the form to redeem yours. 


6 Tips To Consider Before Purchasing Covid-related Machines

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Covid pandemic has caused a caution on the biometric attendance system, especially the fingerprint method due to its contact nature. Nevertheless, not all is lost for the industry as the ABI research predicted contactless biometrics to rise by 20% in 2020. First and foremost, people have since demonstrated hesitation when it comes to touching a surface that someone else has previously come into contact with. This pandemic is causing a permanent change in society, and therefore, we need to prepare plans and options for a better future. 

There are certain things you need to be wise about when choosing the right machines because the ones you opt for will be taking over the manual job to help determine the group of Covid-19 immunity for you. Most importantly, understanding different biometrics modality will upgrade your knowledge of digital adoption and help you decide which Covid-related machines are the best fit for the varying requirements and restrictions you concern. 

Here are the 6 TIPS to consider in finding the COVID linchpin of your organization and premises: 

Don't EVER compromise on quality. Low price products never deliver at a level that demonstrates value for money. Since the outbreak of Covid pandemic, touchless technology has been in the rise of demand. Biometric brands and suppliers have desperately released features in supporting the critical condition with characteristics to help identify individuals' body temperature, verification even with a mask on and touch-free palm reading. However, these biometrics devices embodied with these features come at a relatively high price. For those that have been grappling with safe ways to reactive workers and re-engage consumers, you shouldn't give in quality over prices because the quality of the product should be consistent. You can't have a machine that reads human body temperature today and having a huge variance the next day. Price usually reflects great and trustworthy features in a brand which eventually conveys customers' trust. Choose a quality-driven brand!

Rigorous comparisons of modality strengths & weaknesses. The design of these contactless technologies is for protection and to mitigate the risks of Covid-19 exposure. Surely buyers would expect to have a decent camera resolution to capture professional and high definition templates images for high accuracy of verification. Despite many brands offering identical features and upselling with capabilities such as low error rate, false acceptance rate (FAR), high identification rate, and false reject rate (FRR), you must go in-depth into laying out the specifications. List down the convenience, usability, acceptability, effectiveness, and the budget of each device you shortlist before making the decision. Optimal satisfaction begins with a little extra work! 

Hygiene is where you put an end to the deadly pathogen. Users and companies refrain from using contact-based modalities during the Covid crisis due to the transmissible germs on surfaces and the likelihood to be in contact with other contaminants. For this very reason, contactless is now the new norm that is shaping the additional biometric system standards. Therefore, the contactless system that you choose must be contactless from the enrollment process through the verification process, every step of the way must be completely Touch Free!  Reduce the risk of being in contact with contagious individuals, start by ensuring that the system is fully hygienic!

Say NO to vulnerability, Say NO to spoofing threats. A trusting machine should prevent you and others from being victimized. Data breaching and phishing attacks are in rising numbers when the world is so exposed to technological advancement. People have been relentlessly pursuing systems whereby they do not have to substitute information security nor safety management systems in exchange for the utmost benefits of this functionality. It is, therefore, crucial to look into systems that are built-in with a powerful anti-spoofing feature and allow the enabling of this protection feature for more protected identity proof. The higher the security ratings the machine has, the higher accuracy it is in granting permit (or deny) building entry without you to fret day and night.     

Ability to cope with inevitable feature challenges. The current crisis has rapidly accelerated and expanded the distancing initiatives, new product launches and enhancements that focus on mitigating Covid spread and advancing the capabilities of existing products are there for us to witness. Various recognition technologies, including facial, palm & vein, fingerprint, iris security system are the shared best practice most organizations have adopted. Select the optimal available resources out there, elasticity is important in preventing system failure in the long run. 

Mobile credential solution for a freer and safer urban office lifestyle. Using personal devices as the standalone infection-free biometric system is now regarded as the best protection equipment to cope with the Covid viruses. Mobile clocking/ access solution as an alternative adopted the concept of Phone tap, made easier to ease the pressure and tension of close contact amid the potentially contagious environment. Before you decide to purchase these machines, you should know there is a lot more you can do than just investing a fortune amount of money into a single-purpose device.  Research on reputable brands that create opportunities and use that choice to make a positive impact! 

Go on to find out the other essential aspects of your concern to make it investment-worthy. The key is not only to complete the safe distance requirements but also to add values for a long-term digital transformation.    

Here’s A Trusted Brand with Trustable Machines & Solutions:
TimeTec Cloud-based Solutions & Advanced Biometric Hardware At Your Disposal
*Suitable for Border control, airports, payment, hospitals, commercial and residential spaces

Make that technological transition count!

Watch Video:
Smart AC1/TD : Your Initial Shield Against Covid-19


Choose Your Right Emerging Market Smart Technology Provider

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Name the best-selling products during the Covid-19 crisis. Easy. Sanitizer, face mask, gloves, body temperature scanner, face recognition device with masked face detection, and IR thermal scanner…… 

The business environment is getting tougher. Some industries have been hit hard, and some even ran out of businesses. In order to survive as a businessman, the solution can be rather straightforward - that is to say, stop promoting non-transactional promotional messaging and start promoting your best-selling products, at least for now, temporarily. 

And, we saw too many newcomers flock to trade products they aren't familiar with. How about the result? Good. One thing to be sure of, their intention is clear - As long that they can get a good price from the suppliers and able to respond quickly to the market demand (especially consumable merchandise like sanitizer, face mask, and gloves); As long as the products are genuine enough to satisfy consumers' concerns with minimum risk and doubt.

However,  have you ever thought through enough when it comes to purchasing a face recognition device with IR thermal scanner? First and foremost, “How reliable it is to buy a product from a 'stranger'?”   

The answer will always come negative in the first place: Yes, you shouldn’t. That is because you will not be able to guarantee the course of action of this decision. Unless you plan to thrash it when the crisis is over OR keep it in your storeroom awaits for the next pandemic attack, only if you are lucky to have a functional device by then.

Despite how inexpensive the product is, there is always a price tag you would have to look at. Without careful consideration, it might even cost you a fortune. Under some circumstances, you might need more than just one unit. That is when you will realize how important it is to seek a credible and sustainable product because the brand answers your concerns. Questions like, How well can temporary newcomers handle the warranty period? How about technical services and support? How long does it take to set up and conduct installation? Is training essential? Does it support software integration?

Perhaps, all you need at the moment is just to automate the body temperature reading to meet the required regulations during this crisis? If the crisis prolongs or that it is over, it is certain that you will still wish to want this expensive device to do something useful other than just measuring body temperature, wouldn't you?  

What are those advantages activities the device could contribute to benefit your business? It goes back to the software. Be it Windows-based, web-based, or cloud-based. The biggest beneficiary will ly in these three areas: 1. Time and attendance, 2. Access control (if the device supports access control) and 3. Visitor management.  All these areas involve year-long professionality. If the existing system in your organization is efficient, how does this device of yours hook up to your existing system? If your organization hasn't installed with one, does the device come with good software that can smoothen your business operation in the long run? These questions become critical in this tough time that we are enduring, you were to have spent every penny wisely. 

Opt for a device that not only helps you to combat coronavirus, it also does the job to digitalize your daily operation, keeping you up-to-date with the latest smart technologies
Kill two birds with one stone and we called it a wise man's choice.

Word of advice: Check details of the background of the short-term newcomers or opportunists who you have come across selling face recognition with masked face detection and IR thermal scanner. Avoid irresponsible sellers and place the right order with the right brand. 

Teh Hon Seng, Group CEO of TimeTec Group of Companies. Prior to forming TimeTec, Teh led PUC Founder (MSC) Bhd to be listed on MESDAQ (ACE) market of Bursa Malaysia in 2002. Teh initiated the R&D in fingerprint technology in 2000, which later developed into a renowned global brand for commercial fingerprint product known as FingerTec. In 2008, he foresaw the trend of cloud computing and mobile technology, and over the years, he had strategically diversified and transformed its biometric-focused products into a suite of cloud solutions that aimed at workforce management and security industries including smart communities that centered around the cloud ecosystem. Teh has more than 10 patents to his name, and he is also a columnist in a local newspaper and a writer of several books.


5 Tips to Revive A Business After A Pandemic Scare

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So now that the world has gotten used to the fact that Covid-19 will be very much involved in our lives until some scientists ferret out and attest to the universal vaccine that can wipe off this invisible culprit from this universe. Nonetheless, the aftermath of the attack is severe for businesses. The shutdown of more than 3 months for the majority of companies has taken a detrimental toll on their business's well-being, especially the small-medium enterprises. Many are forced to trim down operations to manage the tight cash flow, and at the same time we have to figure out how to conduct business with the new norm being introduced. 

Entrepreneurs are a different breed of people altogether. No matter how bad is the fall, they will find their way back into the scene in no time at all. And for companies that are resuming operations, we return to the new norms that include social distancing, contactless transactions, and extra efforts on personal hygiene. 


Caring Employer Goes A Long Way
Be a responsible company, a responsible employer and provide for your employees the necessary protection against the threat of Coronavirus infection. Stock up on masks and sanitisers. Distribute the face masks to each employee weekly and place the sanitisers strategically for them to use regularly. Don't resort to cheap or homemade sanitiser that is not effective just to save some money or provide one mask a week and be okay with that. 

Invest in A Good System
When times are hard, people are pulling the purse string even tighter. However, having less money to spend doesn't mean that we need to take an expensive risk instead. Investing in a high-quality fever scanning system could save your company a lot of trouble now and in the future. (Please note that 33°C or 32.8°C are not human body temperatures because some body temperature sensors failed to give correct reading at all times) The practice is not going to dissipate post-Covid because the world has learned its lesson. Therefore, having a system that can scan body temperature, scan whether the user has a mask on or not, scan for attendance and door access is something your organisation should consider when resuming your business for the benefit of the majority. 


Not only that we need to care about our employees, for those who have restaurants, retail stores and offices that accept visitors, but you also we need to consider a system that can protect premises from any symptoms of Covid-19. Furthermore, some governments like the Malaysian government requires the businesses that open during this pandemic to have records of their customers plus the temperature data to be available to the government any positive Covid-19 patient found, for contact traceability purposes. Even though there are free government initiatives offered to the public, but as a business, we always need to have control over the system as well. Solutions like TimeTec VMS are suitable as it provides us with the health data that the government requires, and the data is also beneficial for our business. Go to TimeTec VMS to find out more.

The New Norm at Work 
When the governments around the world impose a lockdown on their citizens, businesses switch to Work From Home mode. Now that many are returning to work, it would be a better and safer choice to embrace WFH in the operation. To have a full workforce capacity at a confined space is definitely NOT a wise decision. Rather, those who can WFH should be advised to continue to lessen the possibility of infection.  The best way to go forward is for companies to refine the WFH policy to manage those who practise it effectively. 

People photo created by ArthurHidden - www.freepik.com
Reduce Travel, Reduce Contact
As much as possible, reduce contact, which translates to lessening the face-to-face meetings and visits. Unless it's something that can't be discussed over Google Meet or Skype or Zoom, don't go gallivanting around town for a chance in meeting people to talk about menial matters. However, if your staff have to go, make sure they have a good tool to record their whereabouts and the people they meet on record for contact tracing. TimeTec TA is a perfect tool for that purpose.

Establish New Channels to Receive Payment 
Recover that few months lost income with new sales and better collections. Erase the anticipated excuses from your customers such as cannot travel to your place to make payment, by providing more channels to receive payments. Apart from internet banking transfer, provide other alternatives like online payment via credit cards, e-wallet and etc. Get that cash flow healthy again to revive your business the soonest possible. 


The Chain Breakers: TimeTec TA and TimeTec VMS

Friday, May 08, 2020 TimeTec 0 Comments

Yes, we all have to get back to work once the Covid-19 threat has diminished. To revive the economy. So that we won’t starve to death. To prevent the next wave of infection, or to say, minimize the risk is of utmost importance. If there is any detected case, the chain breaker is the answer to it. You trace the contacts, cut the chain, end the spread. Period.

Even work from home is becoming a new normal, but frankly, most workers with the work nature that just simply can’t work from home. They need to work alongside the co-workers, meet customers and people in the work loops. In short, insiders and outsiders.  

Attendance with Health Screening Feature at

It surprises me that we already have the two perfect solutions to cover the insiders and outsiders to curb the infectious coronaviruses. Or so-called the Chain Breakers. TimeTec TA and TimeTec VMS. The former for staff, the latter for visitors, insiders, and outsiders. These cloud solutions are not meant to curb the disease, but rather, they are for time and attendance for staff and management for visitors. They are the accidental hero because of their strong contact traceability and contactless operation. TimeTec TA App covers all the three different working environments, on-premise, on the go and at home; while TimeTec VMS handles visitors for all industries, caters to all types of office towers, government offices, schools, hospitals, MNCs, SMEs, retail shops and restaurants. The health screening module is the enhancement we did to the system for better monitoring to ensure everybody can be back to work safely and confidently. 

I explain the chain breaker effect of our solutions in a straightforward illustration, Appendix A. And it is not limited to only the working environment. The chain can easily trace beyond, to your family members. Hence, the whole nation.   

We have this proposal attached here for any governments or local governments around the world to consider. Write to us at info@timeteccloud.com. Of course, business owners can jump straight to adopt our solutions. It’s simple. Guides available. 

And remember, combat Covid-19 is our side benefit. You don’t discard the systems after the Covid-19 threat. You use them in your daily operation. TimeTec TA and TimeTec VMS, they can become the essential modules for the digital transformation of your organization. 

Appendix A

View Back to Work Safely Solutions PPT at

Teh Hon Seng, Group CEO of TimeTec Group of Companies. Prior to forming TimeTec, Teh led PUC Founder (MSC) Bhd to be listed on MESDAQ (ACE) market of Bursa Malaysia in 2002. Teh initiated the R&D in fingerprint technology in 2000, which later developed into a renowned global brand for commercial fingerprint product known as FingerTec. In 2008, he foresaw the trend of cloud computing and mobile technology, and over the years, he had strategically diversified and transformed its biometric-focused products into a suite of cloud solutions that aimed at workforce management and security industries including smart communities that centered around the cloud ecosystem. Teh has more than 10 patents to his name, and he is also a columnist in a local newspaper and a writer of several books.


Technologies to Consider Post-Covid

Wednesday, April 15, 2020 TimeTec 0 Comments

We are experiencing the unprecedented. The Covid pandemic has literally brought the world to its knees. Businesses come to a halt abruptly causing a lot of damage and shut down the world over coronavirus. But in true human form, we have always found our ways to thrive and survive no matter what challenges are placed in front of us. The survival instinct, fortunately, is what we are made of. Going forward hopefully, let's plan for the changes companies should observe post-Covid, and how all of us should proceed with confidence in the next few years.

Contactless is the Safest

Fear of cross-contamination is not going to dissipate once the world lifts its lockdown. We have to endure it for at least a year or more. Hence, prevention is the way to go. The fear of Covid has put a stop to the use of fingerprint machines in many premises. The concern is real, and the only way to manage it is to go contactless. Face recognition machine is the best option because it still promises the authenticity of biometrics, and it does not promote cross-contamination through a device. In moving ahead post-Covid, companies might want to consider switching to face recognition biometrics products for your company's time attendance and door access control. And if you need something more advanced with temperature reading and face with mask reading, enquire within. An investment in the right system will help your operation continues with a peace of mind.

Work from Home is the new Norm

The world has been introduced to Work from Home, famously acronym as WFH, rather forcibly. Some welcome it with open arms, some cringe to the fact that they have to do work inside the house with the family members present. Nonetheless,  almost 1 million WFH hashtags flooded Instagram over the past month, indicating how WFH has become a new normal.  It works for some industries where the deliverables are not tangible. And, as we are approaching the final stretch (oh how we hope..) of this pandemic, many businesses will continue to embrace Work from Home, to reduce the risk of Covid infection in the workplace. In view of that, companies need to invest in tools to manage employees who are Working from Home. TimeTec TA and TimeTec Leave are great tools to use to monitor and manage employees who WFH. They are App-based attendance and leave system that captures clocking data along with GPS data and in real-time (and with a photo if required so), as well as leave application and approvals via a smartphone.

The Wise in Health Screening 

Never have we thought that our food delivery package would have a kitchen crew and delivery person's temperatures on it. But we did receive that information from McDonald's and many other deliveries for the past few weeks. It is a safety assurance, a message to say we are free from Covid so you can eat your food without worry. As we move along, a temperature reading is going to be crucial in many places soon. Many premises will make the feature necessary to reduce the risk of getting infected with contagious diseases from employees and visitors alike.  Therefore, solutions for the public must have a temperature reading data field for record purposes as a precaution. For example, TimeTec VMS, the full-cloud visitor management system by TimeTec is updated with the temperature data field so premises/buildings can start taking the temperature of its visitors for record purposes and precautionary measures. It is unwise to take a relaxed attitude towards this because one person with the disease can transmit to at least 37 other individuals, who could infect other people exponentially. 

Team Collaboration

No man is an island. Either you are working in the office or from home or a mixture of both, team collaboration is key to get things done more effectively. Companies can't stick to the old ways of managing employees in this day and age. Explore team collaboration tools available such as MS Team, Zoom, Skype etc. to get the team together to discuss and finalize on tasks at hand. For the non-tech-savvy boomers, no matter how terrified you are with the latest techs, you need to work on the fear and dive in.      

Reaching Out to Potentials

Gone were the days where businesses encourage physical meetings at the office or outside unless they are essential. Hence, companies need to figure out how to be creative, reach potential clients and engage them in various ways. This is the time where you can see companies attempt on FB live, Tik Tok, IG live and many more. Doing presentations using technologies or implementing solutions remotely using the latest available technologies. Basically, companies have to pivot to stay relevant. 

Plan ahead on the changes your company need. Contact us at info@timeteccloud.com for consultation or further information.

Hope to see everybody on the other. Adios.


Work from Home: An Option or The Only Option?

Thursday, March 19, 2020 TimeTec 0 Comments

As at today 18th March 2020, the world is finding its ways to fight the spread of COVID-19. Italy led the way by imposing a lockdown on its country to contain this minuscule enemy from spreading and killing many more citizens. Spain followed straight after and the latest in Europe is France. President Emmanuel Macron imposes a 15-day lockdown on 16 of March 2020 preventing its citizens to walk out of the house. In Asia, similar decisions are made by several countries including Malaysia. And this decision has made Work from Home accelerates from a concept that the business community dilly-dally on to something inevitable going forward.

The concept of Work from Home (WFH) or formerly known as Work at Home (WAH) was explored more or less 10 years ago by many international companies like Amazon and Dell. Communication advancement helps the acceleration of Work from Home adoption in companies as people can get tasks done efficiently even though they are not in the same premise with each other. Work from Home is where employees can carry out their job at home with flexible working hours to bring work-life balance, and in the end, will improve health, reduce stress and save money for the employees involved. In return, employer benefits by having employees who have greater loyalty to and better engagement with the company.

The idea of Work from Home has been better received in more advanced countries and in selected industries. However, for developing countries, companies are still reluctant to put this into action. Many have applied caution and the progress of its deployment has remained stagnant due to the need for the management to control and monitor its labour force. Out of sight could lead to low motivation and discipline, hence, less contribution and depleting productivity.

All that changes when the world is hit by the unsuspected Covid-19. Today, as I’m writing this piece, I’m sitting on my sofa in my cosy living room with my Mac on my lap and tired fingers for having to type non-stop since this early morning addressing various departments on how to Work from Home. On the 17th of March, the Malaysian government issued a Restricted Movement Order that requires all private companies to shut operations from today until 31st March 2020, leaving us no choice but to Work from Home on a big scale. In one day, we have to allow our company from only selected RnD staff to WFH to a 100% staff permit to Work from Home.

How do you monitor the progress of the employees? How do we assign tasks, check on deliverables, communicate with the team, coordinate with other teams and maintain operations from afar? Thanks to technologies like Skype, WhatsApp, Google Drive, communication poses no challenge whatsoever. We are communicating with each other like a champ, and Google Drive is a great collaboration tool for Work from Home, hands down.

Another matter is, how do we know the whereabouts of the staff at all times? Fortunately for us, TimeTec TA saves the day. Through smartphones, the staff can clock their attendance data using the GPS feature that records their exact location, and managers can view their times through the Audit List feature in the web version of the software. Impose multiple clocking times, and we got that covered. How about leave management? TimeTec Leave App, the perfect leave application is available on every employee’s smartphone to make leave application and approval fast and efficient. Accruals and leave balance are automated and taken care of by the system.

Group meetings are carried out successfully through Skype. Perhaps they have not dressed appropriately for a meeting but they bring seriousness and professionalism along, that will do it.

Despite technology can resolve a lot of challenges by employing Work from Home, it cannot quite resolve family matters. One of the staff members is going crazy because the children keep fighting in the house. Another finds it hard to manage food preparation for the family within an hour of time during lunch after meeting with the team. Children and spouses have been screaming for attention, not realizing that work is still required to be carried out during the usual working hours even with this Work from Home concept.

Approximately two more weeks for us to brace this Restricted Movement Order, and I’m sure that we will get out of this intact. Thankfully our company is actually semi-prepared for this. Our employees  understand the ecosystem of cloud solutions, and their advantages. Thus, when events like this occur, we remain calm because we know what to do.

For the rest of the world, Work from Home is no longer an option that you can ignore. As we move forward, Work from Home perhaps is the only option for us. Who knows.


Cloud Deployment Models - Finding Your Business Fit

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 TimeTec 0 Comments

Companies have shifted to the cloud in throngs. According to Mc Kinsey’s report “Cloud-computing adoption has been increasing rapidly, with cloud-specific spending expected to grow at more than six times the rate of general IT spending through 2020”. Amongst the many benefits of cloud adoption are the reduction of IT overhead costs between 30-40%, helping to scale IT processes, optimizing IT asset usage, improving the overall flexibility in IT with better and more features, increase the quality of service, and many more. In short, the cloud is a means for businesses to achieve digital transformation. Nevertheless, organizations have to make that crucial decision of the type of cloud to adopt because apparently, not all clouds are the same. 

Let’s explore different methods by which a company can select the perfect cloud deployment model for the business, and we should understand the types and the advantages of them. 

Public Cloud - The Public Cloud model is the most sought-after cloud deployment by the masses. It provides reasonable levels of security, reasonably easy to implement, cost-effective and operation cost is affordable. These services are made available to the public and accessible to anyone. The resources such as servers and storage are owned and operated by a third-party cloud service providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and delivered via the Internet. The cloud provider provides all hardware, software and supporting infrastructure and support to the customers. And the customers access the software and their accounts through a web browser. This type of cloud model provides maximum levels of reliability and scalability. 

Private Cloud - The Private Cloud model is the cloud services that are meant exclusively by a business or an organization, it resides inside the organization behind a firewall, and only the organization personnel has access to it. Data residency or the servers can reside at the company’s data centre or host at a third-party service provider. However, the services and infrastructure are maintained on a private network, and the hardware and software are solely dedicated to one organization. This type of cloud model provides maximum levels of reliability and scalability. It is designed exclusively for the enterprise, whereby the businesses have greater control over the infrastructure and get network access and computational resources. This model is preferred by government agencies, financial institutions, or companies that require total control over their operations. 

Hybrid Cloud - The Hybrid Cloud model offers better flexibility for companies that want to keep the critical and sensitive data saved and intact in a third party system while sharing general resources in the public cloud for more lenient data access. There could be two parts of hybridization, on infrastructure and applications. Anyhow, the model should ensure safety, scalability, and performance overall. Hence, the Hybrid Cloud model distributes its services/features among public and private clouds via API integration. In daily operations, the users can use the on-premise application (third party application) or TimeTec application on a public cloud when necessary. Many businesses have adopted hybrid solutions because it allows employees to access business-critical applications and information to improve collaboration. 

TimeTec is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider that opens up the possibility for any organizations or businesses that have an interest in our myriads of solutions to explore the possibility of the different cloud models with us. 

Going private with TimeTec solution is a possibility considering the budget and timeline of an organization. Rather than starting to develop applications desired from the ground up, TimeTec can help to mould the readily available solutions to match your business needs at a lesser cost and reduced timeline. Worth to note that the investment is still significant if compared to the public cloud, however, your organization will be in charge of the critical data, the security and the infrastructure of it, going forward. TimeTec, on the other hand, will be collaborating with your organization on the development of the application.

The scope TimeTec undertakes for a Private Cloud model on-premise or on a third-party cloud provider platform  includes: 

  • · Client’s Account Setup and Configuration
  • · Time Attendance Web Setup & Configuration
  • · Time Attendance Mobile Server Setup & Configuration
  • · Time Attendance iOS & Android App Setup & Configuration
  • · Client Database Server Setup & Maintenance (Multi AZ, Read Replica)
  • · Google Map Services Setup
  • · AWS Other Services Setup
  • · Installation & Commissioning of the Private Cloud for a client will be finalised pending discussions with the client
  • · Modules included:
    •     - Dashboard
    •     - Clocking Methods (Beacon, GPS, WiFi)
    •     - Attendance
    •     - Report
    •     - Report Scheduler
    •     - Language (English + One other)
    •     - SAP Integration (import or export of user listing/transaction log)
    •     - API & SDK for all supported current functions
    •     - Maintenance & Bug Fixing 

If you intend to go Private with our solutions, contact us at info@timeteccloud.com for more information and discussion. 

Another option on the table is Hybrid cloud; where TimeTec is open to collaborating with your company to achieve the level of integration required in the application side. With this integration, the organization can use both the on-premise/private application and TimeTec application on a public cloud when necessary for its daily operation. For Hybrid cloud the license subscription remains with additional requirements from the client and the scope TimeTec covers for Hybrid include:

  • · Integration via API on public cloud
  • · Maintenance & Bug Fixing
  • · Post Project Customization Requests

Interested to explore Hybrid Cloud Model, contact us at info@timeteccloud.com