5 Ways of Security Enhancement with iNeighbour

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Visitor Management System
iNeighbour provides the guardhouse panel tablet replaces the traditional way of handwriting in a notebook, the Visitor Management System able to record every visitor's checked in-out time, the purpose of visit, the unit and resident they visited. The residents would receive the live notification once the security checked-in-out the visitor, they are also able to report the “wrong visitor” check in their unit to management.

For management, admins are able to customise the settings and different questions before allowing visitors to access from their own neighbourhood iNeighbour account web portal. Management admin is also able to generate different reports, for example visitor checked-in-out, pre-registered and invited visitor, visitor checked-in trend, restricted visitor, wrong visitor checked-in and etc from web portal.


The security guards are able to intercom contact residents handphone through the iNeighbour Visitor Management System guardhouse panel tablet, it is able to control access and ensure that only authorised visitors are permitted into the neighbourhood. And for contact numbers of residents will remain concealed and protected for security and privacy purposes from iNeighbour Visitor Management System.


TimeTec BLE-2 is integrated into the iNeighbour Visitor Management System, the function can automatically trigger the visitor check-in and check-out lane barrier gates to open, it can avoid the security guards simply manually pressing the push button to allow the visitor access. Therefore the security guards have to register every visitor via the guardhouse tablet panel before allowing visitor access into the neighbourhood.

Panic Button
The Panic Button is designed to ensure the safety of the residents within a neighbourhood. In the event of an emergency, residents can trigger the Panic Button buzzing alarm in order to inform the guardhouse panel tablet to alert guards on duty and emergency contact persons.

The residents will be given the choice for the option to specify the types of incident involved (standard, burglary, fire, medical assistance), and 4 photos will be taken via the resident’s smartphone to be uploaded into the server for better description of the incident happening or for the sake of obtaining crucial evidence.

iPatrol System

iPatrol system is our guard patrolling solution that offers cloud connectivity. The iPatrol system provides flexible and rotated schedules remotely,  and also able to track your security guards KPI more accurately compared to the offline system.The supervisors and admin also will receive the live notification for any late or misses scanning during patrolling, and also able to generate the daily, weekly,and monthly report from the iPatrol system web portal. Security guards are able to report incidents during their patrolling duties to the management personnel in real-time.

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9 Ways How iNeighbour Make Your Property Management More Efficient

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With all the workloads to be handled by such few people in the office, it can be frustrating at times. Here is where the iNeighbour system plays its role in automating the process and helps to save time.

Visitor Management System
Starting with registering visitors, the iNeighbour system can capture and record all visitors who go in and out. This enables the management to keep track of the visitor’s details in the case of an emergency. Furthermore,
iNeighbour provides invitation and pre-registration for visitors to obtain a QR code and show it to the security guard for a speedy process upon checking into the neighbourhood.

In-App Payment

When it comes to payment, without a doubt it’s considered one of the most detailed yet troublesome works for management. Using the iNeighbour system, management can save a lot of time as the system enables the residents to make payments via the iNeighbour app. From the generation of invoices to knocking off outstanding amounts and generating receipts no longer needs to be done manually. Not to mention it reduces human errors as well.


Posting announcements would be within your fingertips. It can be done anywhere and anytime as long you log in to the web portal. Even attachments can be added to the announcements to provide even further clarification to the residents.

Feedback/Inquiry Management

Don’t forget that residents often provide feedback or complaints to the management where it might be left out or not recorded. iNeighbour has the perfect solution for this, as it enables both the management and residents to have communication for feedback on its status, new to in progress and finally resolved. Weekly or monthly reports can also be generated to justify the work done, therefore reducing disputes.

Facility Booking Management

The management can create facility booking slots via the iNeighbour system. No more manual books are needed and you even have the option of auto approval or manual approval for each booking made by the residents. The system also has various advanced settings to prevent misuse of the feature, eg: Only x numbers of slots can be booked by a parcel unit, must utilise existing booked slots only able to book another slot and more.


The committee can post important documents for every user to view or download from the iNeighbour app. The latest version of your house rules or every year’s AGM meetings minutes. A place for users to always refer back and not worry about it flooding with other messages.


Forms are also one of the troubling issues faced by both the management and residents. As forms are usually in hardcopies where residents are required to spare some time to come to the management just to fill in the forms, where failure to do so in a way might obstruct the procedure or management’s policy. The iNeighbour app allows for form customisation, enabling residents to fill in the form via the app. Once it has been submitted, the management is then able to respond to it where it could reduce the hassle and even provide a record in the system.


Every once in a while, there will be calls coming into the management to request contacts such as a guard’s contact, contact for the gas provider or even a plumber’s contact. Using the iNeighbour app, the management could upload any useful contact information for the residents to view and call. It’ll be very convenient for the residents to call for those useful contacts instead of them repetitively looking for management for such requests.

Panic Alert

A feature that is good to have, but hopes nobody has to use it. The iNeighbour app has a panic button for the residents to press where it would notify both the management, guards and emergency contacts (neighbours or friends) if any emergency were to occur. This would increase the response time in handling emergencies for the management and security guards.

There are even more ways that the iNeighbour System can benefit the property manager. Do not miss this chance to adopt a system to automate and increase efficiency in your work routine.
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5 Ways to Improve Your Property Manager Efficiency

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Property managers are well known for multitasking and handling dozens of tasks per day. Unsurprisingly, you feel there are not enough hours per day. Here are some ways to maximise your productivity.


There is a saying when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It is because of the overwhelming tasks to complete every day, imagine what could have happened if a property manager does not have an end in mind in their daily operation. Things might be messy. Planning by creating a to-do list and then allocating every task a time to finish it would add structure to your day-to-day. You could start by prioritising the tasks to be done according to priorities. According to the book, Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy, one is advised to do the most important task the first thing in the morning to prevent procrastination.

Creating A System

Property managers are bound to handle issues from residents and tenants in a daily manner. So in other words, the issues that they are dealing with are repetitive. If that is the case, then creating a system or a standard operational procedure would save lots of time. For instance, prepare emails or templates for responding to residents' emails, inquiries, applications and even complaints. This would not only save time but also create consistency in every staff’s tasks.


A good property manager is not limited to only handling task efficiency but is also expected to be able to communicate with the residents or tenants as well. This plays a huge role especially in resolving disputes among the management and residents. Since managing a whole residential area by itself is not an easy task, a property manager must also be able to communicate well with their staff. Daily or weekly meetings could be held to ensure each individual is clear on their assigned tasks. This would in turn improve efficiency and at the same time create a conducive environment for everyone to work in.


When it comes to monetary issues, it is a very sensitive topic. This is where usually the owners or tenants come to request their payment receipt, statement of accounts or even question about the late payment interest. The property manager is expected to be able to provide all this information at their fingertips. I too believe that most of the management can provide at least such info. However, it might require some time to actually print out the receipt or even generate the reports. What if you could adopt an automated system where it could show the owner or tenants their invoices, receipts and even account statements automatically? This would not only show that the management is transparent but improve efficiency from a managing perspective.

Adopt Software-Aided System

I believe I have touched a little bit on the adoption of the system in the previous tips. Why still rely on manual work when you could use a system to conduct the practice? Nowadays, we have these all-in-one software systems that could manage the whole residential ecosystem from the visitor management system to the accounting system and even guard patrolling systems. The system not only improves communication between management and residents but can also keep track of info from both the residents and visitors. Besides storage and accessibility of store info will no longer be a concern for the management as most of the property management software now is cloud-based. In short, acquiring a software system for managing property will be a norm soon, where of course in the end it still depends on the management on how they can fully utilise the system.

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Justifying the ROI of a Human Resource Management System

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Companies look for substantial Returns on Investment (ROI) from every decision made. That begs the question: Is a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) worth the investment? Is it a cost burden, something good to have or rather a need to have? To demonstrate its true value, here is the breakdown to paint a bigger picture.

We first need to look at the cost of implementing the HRMS. Typically, solutions like these would have monthly subscription costs instead of a lump sum payment. On top of that, if there is specific customisation or hardware needed, there will be additional charges. Depending on the system providers, some may require payment like training, migration and set-up.

There is no way to define the exact ROI, as there isn’t a realistic formula to calculate it. Rather, what’s practical is to look at the aspects that the system will have the most impact on and how these would bring direct/ indirect financial savings.

Extended Processing Time
Let’s be frank, most of the push factors to get the automated system is due to the lengthy processing time that is never-ending. Labour hours are considered as spending, by cutting down the time spent on processing your HR, you are also reducing the cost of staffing. You could save yourself from getting an admin, or free up your HR hands, allowing them to focus on what truly matters, the people.

Avoid Human Errors
Imagine if you are already late for your payroll payment and there is an error due to some input mistakes, we bet you would recoil from the scenario. Mistakes like this not only affect your employees' morale but also consumes unnecessary time to identify and rectify the errors. In the end, all these add up to more labour hours on the payroll processing that could have been avoided by getting an automated system.

Reduce HR Head Count
Due to the nature of the HRMS, you are pretty much running in automation on your HR, letting the system do its job. Instead of getting an HR admin, you could adopt the system at a much more affordable price to run your HR department. We are talking about most aspects that can be automated like Time & Attendance, Leave Management, Payroll & Claim Processing, and more.

Employee Self Service (ESS)
One of the greatest hassles faced by HR is having to answer all questions and requests that could have been done by employees themselves. Such matters alone wouldn’t mean much, but if they were to add up, it could eat up hours each week. By deploying ESS from Human Resource Management System, employees could look for answers on their own and manage their personal information without involving HR in the picture. 
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Save Businesses Money with Time and Attendance System

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How can time and attendance save a business money? Putting them together doesn’t make any sense. Once everything has been broken down, the answer is obvious. For most businesses, staffing typically costs the highest in spending, companies are paying employees for their time and attendance, and this is why tackling the biggest issue, is a great way to help companies save money.

Eliminate Time Fraud
The greatest “Nemesis” of all time, whether we are looking at an excel sheet or a conventional punch card can be clocked in by just about anyone. All these are risks of ghost workers that put a dent in the companies’ financial well-being. Not to mention, there’s another problem associated with this, buddy punching. Leaving it unchecked would only encourage other employees to join the ‘bandwagon’. Thankfully it all can be regulated simply by implementing biometric devices.

Avoid Human Errors

We are just human, and errors are unavoidable. No matter how cautious we are, sometimes mistakes just slip through the cracks. Small mistakes now and then are still tolerable, but it only takes one huge human error to overturn the whole company into a crisis state. Let’s face it, a crisis doesn’t just cause a company to go haywire, we are talking about actual dollars being spent to neutralise the crisis. Before it turns into an actual problem, you should start working on it, and there is no better way to counter this other than relying on automation offered by the cloud-based time & attendance system. We should let technology do what it does best.

Efficient Reporting

All employees should focus on what truly matters. Instead of wasting effort on time and attendance compilations or tabulations, employees should focus on their actual KPIs. Have you ever thought of how much you’re paying in hidden fees for all this? Your employees could have utilised their time better on tasks that bring ROI to the company. One way to solve it is through the adoption of an attendance system.

Employees’ Accountability

Having a proper attendance system may encourage better employee’ clocking habits. Employees would know exactly when to show up, take their breaks and only leave when the shift has ended. All of these would translate into a more productive workforce and eliminate the problems of short hours or long breaks that would cost the company a fortune.

Improve Employees Morale

When employee morale is high, naturally companies will perform much greater. Simply put happy employees mean a happy company. What comes with it would be greater teamwork, efficiency, and just about everything  To achieve this, companies need to ensure that employees are in shape. If you have to ask, getting that pay cheque in time is one way to do it. A Time & Attendance System alone would be insufficient, it has to be coupled with a holistic Cloud-Based HR System to reap the benefits. How so? Cloud-Based HR Systems can break the barrier between systems and the exchange of information can also be done seamlessly. The Time & Attendance System could transfer all the attendance information to the Payroll System without the need for data compilation. A truly automated system that ensures all pay cheques are delivered on time, without the fear of any unforeseen delay that always results from human errors.

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Flexible Work Schedule that Maximises Profits

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Flexible schedules are on the rise. More companies are looking into accommodating flexibility in the workplace that promise a greater lifestyle and work-life balance. How does one maximise profits while still retaining a flexible schedule? The short answer is that when employees are happy, they tend to work with greater efficiency, and what comes after efficiency is shorter hours to complete work, in return more profits from getting more work done.

If you are looking to hop on the bandwagon, you came to the right place. Due to the flexible nature, not all work schedules are suitable for every company, as it depends on the industry and nature of the business, here are some of the most comprehensive flexible work schedules that you could implement in your company.

6 On 2 Off Shift Schedule
A relatively slow rotating shift pattern that uses 4 teams and three 8-hr shifts to provide 24/7 coverage.

Set-up guide:
1. Requires 4 teams
2. Each team rotates through the following sequence every 24 days: 6-day shifts, 2 days off, 6 swing shifts, 2 days off, 6-night shifts, 2 days off
3. Average 42 hours per week per personnel

8 Plus 12 Shift Schedule
A fast rotation shift pattern that uses 4 teams to provide around 24/7 operation and it is popular for security service firms, military units and operations that require 12-hr weekend shifts.

Set-up guide:
1. Comprises of 4 teams
2. Combination of three 8-hr shifts on weekdays and two 12-hr shifts on weekends to provide 24/7 coverage
3. Each team rotates through the following shift sequence over 4 weeks
4. Repeat cycle of 28 days
5. 42 average hours per week

2-2 3-2 2-3 Rotating Shift Schedule
A rotating shift schedule comprises 4 teams and two 12 -hour shifts to provide 24/7 coverage.

Set-up guide:
1. 4 weeks or 28 days cycle
2. Each team works 2 consecutive day shifts, followed by 2 days off duty, works 3 consecutive day shifts, followed by 2 days off duty, works 2 consecutive day shifts, followed by 3 days off duty, 2 consecutive night shifts, followed by 2 days off duty, works 3 consecutive night shifts, followed by 2 days off duty, works 2 consecutive night shifts, followed by 3 days off duty
3. Average 42 hours per week per person

6-4 6-4 6-4 Ten-Hour Rotating Shift Schedule
A rotating shift uses 5 teams and 3 overlapping ten-hour shifts to provide 24/7 coverage.

Set-up guide:
1. 30-day cycle
2. This plan requires 5 teams with a minimum of 5 employees with 3 teams on duty and 2 teams off at any given day
3. Each team works the first six consecutive 10-hour shifts, followed by 4 days off duty, works the third six consecutive 10-hour shifts, followed by 4 days off duty, works the second six consecutive 10-hour shifts, followed by 4 days off duty
4. The overlapping shifts provide extra manpower during high activity periods
5. Average of 42 hours per week

Couldn’t find what you're looking for? Or do you have special needs for your work schedule? To save yourself from all the hassle, you could choose to adopt a Time & Attendance System for your company and leave the work schedule to the experts. On top of that, a Time & Attendance System could also offer greater time management for employees, it also presents more clocking options and features like:

Real-Time Data  

Clock-In/Out with Smartphones 

Employee GPS Clocking

Distance Calculator 

Data Consolidation From Different Locations

Notifications for Tardiness & Absenteeism

Overnight Shift Scheduling

OT Application & Approval

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Efficient Work Schedule to Maximise Profits (Fixed Schedule)

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Time spent on work is equivalent to profit, and to generate the most out of it, the answer is obvious, optimising the work schedule is the key to improving the company's efficiency and thus maximising profits but with various available work schedules, one might wonder which is the most suitable and yield the best results. We hate to break it to you, but there is no “holy grail schedule”, as it all comes down to the industry and nature of the business, here are some of the most comprehensive fixed work schedules that you could work around.

9 to 5 Work Schedule (Weekend Off)
To start things off with the obvious but widely used, the standard work schedule for office workers and non-shiftwork operations starts at 9 am and finishes at 5 pm.

Set-up guide:

1. 8 hours per day, 5 days a week
2. Repeat Cycle of 7 days
3. Average 40 hours per week
4. Weekends off

4/10 Compressed Work Schedule
Schedule for staff working 10 hours for 4 days a week. The idea is to offer an alternative to an 8-5 or a 9-6 schedule for companies or government agencies that are offering longer service hours for example 7 am to 7 pm to clients with the opportunity to achieve work-life balance for employees.

Set-up guide:

1. Cyclical 7 days (Weekly) – Fixed Plan, No Rotation
2. 10 hours daily for 4 days
3. Average 40 hours per week
4. Staff is full from Tuesdays to Thursdays, 50% staff on Mondays and Fridays with Weekends as rest days
5. Need two teams to cover the week with a 3-day weekend every week
3 Team Fixed 8-Hour Shift Schedule (24/7 Operation)
Schedule that uses 3 teams and 8-hour shifts (day, swing and night shift) to cover 24/7 operations. This is to offer an organisation that has limited staff but needs to provide 24/7 coverage.

Set-up guide:
1. Repeat cycle of 7 days
2. 8 hours per shift
3. Average 56 hours a week
4. 3 teams are required to cover 24/7

Pitman Shift Schedule
Schedule 4 teams and two 12-hr shifts to provide 24/7 coverage. Very popular with police departments, law enforcement agencies, emergency medical services, EMS call centres and dispatchers to achieve 24/7 and provide better work-life balance at the same time.

Set-up guide:
1. 14-day cycle where each team works 2 consecutive shifts, followed by 2 days off duty, works 3 consecutive shifts, followed by 2 days off duty, work 2 consecutive shifts, followed by 3 days off duty
2. Two teams are assigned day shifts while the other two are assigned night shifts.
3. On any given day, one team is on the day shift, one team is on the night shift, and two teams are off duty
4. Personnel are assigned to either day or night shifts for the 2-week cycle and work an average of 42 hours per week

Kelly Shift Schedule
The 9-day cycle where teams work 24 hours per shift. This schedule uses three teams and three shifts to provide 24/7 coverage popular with fire departments and emergency services agencies.

Set-up guide:
1. Cyclical 9 days
2. Work 24-hour shift > 24 hours off duty > work 24-hour shift > 24 hours off duty > work a final 24-hour shift > 4 consecutive days off duty
3. Average hours per week is 56
4. This plan requires living quarters for the employees to work and sleep during each 24-hr shift

The options are endless and could be even altered accordingly to cater for the needs of the company. To save yourself from all the hassle of set-up a work schedule, you could choose to adopt a Time & Attendance System for your company and leave the work schedule to the experts. Not only does a Time & Attendance System offer greater time management for employees, but it could also present more clocking options and features like:

Real-Time Data  

Clock-In/Out with Smartphones 

Employee GPS Clocking

Distance Calculator 

Data Consolidation From Different Locations

Notifications for Tardiness & Absenteeism

Overnight Shift Scheduling

OT Application & Approval

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