Work Smart During A Pandemic with Smart Tools

Friday, July 23, 2021 TimeTec 0 Comments

The pandemic post a real challenge to businesses the world over. Lockdowns upon lockdowns stress businesses even further with no end in sight. Yet, while many suffer the consequences, some thrive. Online retailers like Shopee recorded revenue for Q4 2020 at US$842.2 million, up 178.3 per cent year-on-year, according to the financial results of Sea Limited, the owner of the Shopee retail platform. Their counterparts like Lazada, PG Mall and Zalora also recorded an increase in sales and activities.

The reality is that people are forced to change their behaviour to suit a different world, to continue living despite the hardship. People are changing their buying behaviours and social behaviours, and offices are altering strategies to stay relevant to survive. In this situation, many businesses have no option but to allow most of their workforce to work from home. 

In helping the workforce accommodate the new norm, TimeTec has prepared a perfect ready solution for companies to adapt instantly and smoothly to this change. The App that can record attendance with accurate GPS location convenience the office and the employees, providing the business with a win-win solution at a great price. All employees have to do is to log in to the App and tap on the GPS clock to record the attendance, and the admin can manage the workforce from the real-time data available in the system. That is what TimeTec TA from TimeTec offers to all its subscribers.

The convenience and data accuracy, all in one solution, and all the data in TimeTec TA are transparent to both parties, and discrepancies can be attended to immediately, along with proof. 

At the same time, TimeTec also offers a tool to manage employee leave via App, which offers practicality at its best. TimeTec Leave App presents each staff with their leave details, and all leave applications and approvals are made via the App, hassle-free. These two Apps can be subscribed as a pair or individually. 

Compare the cost, features, and practicality, TimeTec solutions are a winner on all fronts. 

On top of that, TimeTec offers another great initiative that welcomes entrepreneurs and individuals to market TimeTec solutions to all. With solid guidance, support and reward scheme, TimeTec Reseller Program is a fantastic way to share the business with those initiated to bring this solution to another level. For those interested, get the details here. 

Change is inevitable, and adapt to change we must. So don't stress out during this difficult time; instead, think smart and use the tools available in the market to better the business, to get ready for the future.