Managing Your Roster the Right Way

Monday, August 01, 2016 TimeTec 0 Comments

A well-built rostering can potentially be the key to success for an organization. Being able to effectively roster your workforce to match your business’s demand will definitely ensure your company better production and services for your customers. However, managing your roster right can be challenging because it involves more than just selecting employee to work on a certain date/time, the rostering also comes with rules that they (employees) need to adhere to in order to be eligible for pay/claims and accurate attendance records. With better management of rostering, you can control your cost, better your productivity and provide better worklife balance for your workforce. 

Here, we share 5 tips on how to manage your roster effectively.

1. Play to Your Business’s Advantage 
You need to focus on what’s best for your company. Allocate the work hours, shifts, and responsibilities, and then work out the cost to build an efficient roster. DO NOT plan rosters that do not play to your advantage. Having a clear idea of your roster cost could be an added benefit to your operation. 

Setup your schedule in TimeTec TA by defining the work hours and attendance rules before generating the roster.

Set the schedule pattern and assign users to the roster.

2. Share the Best Shifts
Sharing is caring, and sharing the best shifts is advisable when it comes to shift assignment. For example, in a restaurant environment, some shifts offer better tips than the other, while for other employees, some shifts are harder than the other. Allocate the shifts fairly to each employee to ensure all employees get their turns. A simple act of fairness could go a long way.   

3. Automate Rostering Task
By automating rostering task; you’d be able to handle other important tasks at hand. You will be able to make employee replacements, change of shifts day and time easily.  With a few clicks in your cloud application like TimeTec TA, changes made will reflect at everyone’s roster instantly.   

 Changes made in your roster will reflect in the Roster Overview instantly.

4. Plan your Roster in Advance, so Your Employees can Plan their Lives
It’s always good to plan your roster so your employees can have the overview of their work shift pattern in the coming weeks. Also, if you happen to have employees taking leaves, you can plan for the replacement right away. This also would allow your employees to achieve the work-life balance and plan their lives better. 

5. Roster is Staff-Friendly 
It would definitely be a pain-in-the-neck to call the office every time you want to check on your roster. Of course, pinning up the roster at the Memo board would work, but by simply making your roster accessible to all your employees at anytime will result fewer last minute scheduling changes. With cloud system such at TimeTec TA, employees can log to their account and check their own roster on the web AND also from their mobile phone through TimeTec Mobile app. 

In TimeTec TA, employees can check their full roster and also get to view their attendance history (work hour, short hour and over time hour) for the previous days, from PC or mobile phone. 

In any business, rosters can vary from the straightforward 9 – 5 working hours to the complicated shifts, thus it is important to have an efficient and well-organized roster to keep the employees in order. A messy roster can result in unhappy employees that may create more ‘sick’ absences and create a hole in your roster, and your pocket too. 

Use TimeTec TA to help organize and manage your roster and workforce easier. Hop on the cloud and join us today at TimeTec TA