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Putting a system in place is no longer an option for today’s businesses. It’s not whether a system is needed for operation or not, it’s more of what kind of system suitable for the operation. The fact is, not all systems are created equal and to choose a system that suits one’s organization, you need to know your current and future (3-5 years) requirements from that solution. Avoid losing money, time, and valuable resource. Choose a system that can satisfy your company requirements and more. 

TimeTec reveals the top 6 sought-after attributes consumers are looking for in a Time Attendance solution. 

1. Automated

Changing from pen and logbook attendance to a punch card system is a change in system, and from a punch card system to a smart card system also is a change in system. However, a key to a good attendance system is automation, in other words eliminating the needs for resources/labor from doing various tasks involved in a process. Hence, the system must not only reduces the resources’ work hours, but it also must be able to reduce possibility of human errors in the work process. In time attendance system there are 3 major processes that require automation: 1) data collection 2) data processing, and 3) data analysis. Data collection automation can be tackled by biometrics attendance device like FingerTec TA100C and attendance mobile application like TimeTec TA. The attendance recorded within those devices will then be processed based on the settings configured in the system to produce the results that are ready for analysis. The whole automation process in time attendance is crucial when choosing time attendance solution because the system needs to run effortlessly and be able to produce the outcome that businesses want.

2. User-friendly

According to the late Steve Jobs, “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” When a complex system can be accessed and used by a wide range of users without intensive training, the system has achieved user-friendliness. User-friendly interface is second to none in choosing an attendance because in any organizations, there are hierarchy of employees with different kind of backgrounds. Hence, not all staffs can comprehend a new system, all at the same pace. Therefore, a good time attendance system has to be easy enough for all staff to use effortlessly.

3. Comprehensive

Companies are looking to change a system when their existing system does not fulfill the requirements of its business and operation anymore.  Therefore, the new system must possess features that can make process automation becomes more effective. For example, the quantity of attendance column available must be sufficient and match the requirements of a company’s operation. Scheduling feature has to be flexible to cater to the different kinds of roles and work hours of workers.  On top of that, businesses are looking for a time attendance system that have other useful features including claim system, leave management and etc, to further enrich the entire process. 

4. Data Fluidity

In an attendance system, data is important and it needs to be available to the relevant parties at all times. Windows-based software has data access restrictions in terms of location and Web-based can be accessed up to a local network only. Cloud-based software like TimeTec TA on the other hand provides data access to users from anywhere at anytime, very efficient in this dynamic era where mobility is key.  On top, cloud solution also keeps all data intact for a few years without having to worry about the server size or data safety. 

5. Integrate

When a time attendance system can be integrated to a payroll system of choice, it’s a contender. Why is this feature important? Because time attendance data is more often than not will be directly linked to a payroll system and if the system can automate the data transfer, half of the work is done. Again, one of the main purposes to changing a system is automation and if attendance data can be easily linked to payroll for any payroll period, it’s a win-win for users.

6. Value for Money

Bottomline is, the solution must be of value to the company. Every company wants to maximize the value of investment and by having all your requirements met, a good time attendance solution will save your company more than just money.

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