Attendance System Suitable for Coworking Space

Wednesday, April 24, 2019 TimeTec 0 Comments

Coworking space is the trend in today’s business where companies share workspaces with one another. These coworking places offer not only affordable and decent office spaces employees who are looking to escape the isolation of home office or coffee place but they also offer an array of amenities to mirror a regular office such as hot-desks, private meeting rooms, kitchens, coffee and even more. Interestingly, these coworking spaces also create a community from diverse kinds of businesses, providing a great opportunity for networking and communication.

According to global research by Deskmag and Deskwanted, since working in a coworking space, 74% of coworkers are more productive with 86% have a larger business network and 93% have a bigger social network. At the beginning of this trend, the coworking spaces are frequented mostly by startups because coworking spaces offer manageable cost for having a proper place of business. A startup can take as small as one space or expand to a few more as necessary. Nevertheless, the trend has also caught the attention of larger organizations that want to manage their flexible employees worldwide, hence many larger companies are also taking advantage of this new trend of fresh and hipster-ish coworking spaces. Bloomberg reports that General Electric, KPMG and Merck have started using these spaces to manage their workers.

However, while the coworking space offers a conducive and a cool place to work, businesses are still having concerns over a few aspects and one of them is EMPLOYEE ATTENDANCE.

Keeping up with the workforce management, more businesses have started to make flexible hour an option to their employees in order to meet the work life balance expectations of the modern workers. Therefore, in finding a balance between having everyone under a single roof, companies need to have a system to strengthen the trust between the company and the employees.

TimeTec TA is the perfect solution for companies having flexible and mobile employees working from remote locations such as from coworking spaces. The system has a few clocking options that do not require any expensive hardware in order to use it. Employees just need to install TimeTec TA App into their smartphones, login and use. The control of the settings is still under the care of the company administration. Two great clocking options offered by TimeTec TA are GPS clocking and Wifi clocking. With the GPS clocking feature, a company has an option to set a geofence to let the employee clock in within a certain radius from the house or the coworking space. On the other hand Wifi clocking is available when the employee is within the workspace wifi range. On top, TimeTec TA can manage scheduling and reports in the same system. Not only that, with the adoption of TimeTec TA, the company can subscribe TimeTec Leave for better and convenient leave management.

TimeTec TA can also be an added value service for a coworking space where tenants can get the report of their employees over a period of time from the coworking space provider,

Either a company wants to be strict or relaxed about time attendance, TimeTec TA offers a good and affordable tool for companies to monitor their scattered flexible employees, whether in a country or worldwide.

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