Keeping up with TimeTec Mobile

Thursday, June 02, 2016 TimeTec 0 Comments

Many of us are inseparable with our mobile phones. Everyday, more and more interactions were done through mobile phones. People socialize, work, shop, pay and play on their mobile and the lifestyle of the world’s population is forever altered. With the increasing use of mobile applications to cater to the current lifestyle and modern business requirements, application providers need to be on top of their game and provide all the features accordingly. 

At TimeTec, we are constantly making improvements and enhancements to deliver the best possible solution and positive user experience to our customers. If you haven’t had the chance to get a hold of TimeTec Mobile yet, let’s take a look at what it has to offer to better your business

1. Easy attendance clocking complete with GPS tag

So you have employees that need to go places, meeting clients, perform maintenance, installations and such. How do you confirm their attendance when they are not at the office? TimeTec Mobile is the answer. With TimeTec Mobile, employees simply need to login, clock their attendance and, you will get their attendance log and GPS location showing their exact location. This way, you’ll be certain of your employees work time and also their whereabout. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! (No animals were harm in this process, we promise)

2. Attendance data in your hand
Whether it’s today or last month’s attendance, they’re all available in TimeTec Mobile. With the new organization structure and user role added in TimeTec TA application, the attendance information displayed in TimeTec Mobile will follow the hierarchy and privilege set. For example; managers can only view attendance of employees that are assigned under them, while normal employees can only access to their own attendance. 

3. Report generation made easy
One of the perks of having all data in your hands is that you can generate report at any time, anywhere. TimeTec Mobile allows you to generate Electronic Time Card; which will display general attendance records and Tardiness Report, containing late in, extended breaks, early out and absence data. Report will be generated in pdf format and it can be printed, if necessary. (We repeat if necessary because we love trees)

4. Get notified on important events

TimeTec TA has notification system to send birthday greetings, welcome note for new staff, memos, and get notification on your employees’ attendance status. The notification for attendance is made to monitor on your employees’ attendance; for example if you set the notification at 9:00 AM, you will get notified on the list of employees that haven’t arrived at that time. All this can be set in TimeTec TA application and a push notification will be sent to your mobile every time there’s a notification. 

5. Get the big picture
You are responsible for your own attendance! In our latest update we’ve summed up the attendance data for you on one mobile page. Get a glance of your daily attendance status from the overview and know who’s working, taking leave or missing from work. Each staff is responsible for his own attendance and each user can view their own attendance on their mobile and this can be made a self-discipline indicator to teach staff to be more discipline with their work time. 

Mobile phones have become the extension of modern society. TimeTec Mobile is a great mobile app to help ease your workforce management and a tool to discipline your entire employee. Get the 30-day FREE TimeTec TA trial account, set it up and combine it with TimeTec Mobile for easy and efficient workforce management. TimeTec Mobile app is available in both iOS and Android and it’s FREE. Give it a go!