9 Ways How iNeighbour Make Your Property Management More Efficient

Thursday, October 20, 2022 TimeTec 0 Comments

With all the workloads to be handled by such few people in the office, it can be frustrating at times. Here is where the iNeighbour system plays its role in automating the process and helps to save time.

Visitor Management System
Starting with registering visitors, the iNeighbour system can capture and record all visitors who go in and out. This enables the management to keep track of the visitor’s details in the case of an emergency. Furthermore,
iNeighbour provides invitation and pre-registration for visitors to obtain a QR code and show it to the security guard for a speedy process upon checking into the neighbourhood.

In-App Payment

When it comes to payment, without a doubt it’s considered one of the most detailed yet troublesome works for management. Using the iNeighbour system, management can save a lot of time as the system enables the residents to make payments via the iNeighbour app. From the generation of invoices to knocking off outstanding amounts and generating receipts no longer needs to be done manually. Not to mention it reduces human errors as well.


Posting announcements would be within your fingertips. It can be done anywhere and anytime as long you log in to the web portal. Even attachments can be added to the announcements to provide even further clarification to the residents.

Feedback/Inquiry Management

Don’t forget that residents often provide feedback or complaints to the management where it might be left out or not recorded. iNeighbour has the perfect solution for this, as it enables both the management and residents to have communication for feedback on its status, new to in progress and finally resolved. Weekly or monthly reports can also be generated to justify the work done, therefore reducing disputes.

Facility Booking Management

The management can create facility booking slots via the iNeighbour system. No more manual books are needed and you even have the option of auto approval or manual approval for each booking made by the residents. The system also has various advanced settings to prevent misuse of the feature, eg: Only x numbers of slots can be booked by a parcel unit, must utilise existing booked slots only able to book another slot and more.


The committee can post important documents for every user to view or download from the iNeighbour app. The latest version of your house rules or every year’s AGM meetings minutes. A place for users to always refer back and not worry about it flooding with other messages.


Forms are also one of the troubling issues faced by both the management and residents. As forms are usually in hardcopies where residents are required to spare some time to come to the management just to fill in the forms, where failure to do so in a way might obstruct the procedure or management’s policy. The iNeighbour app allows for form customisation, enabling residents to fill in the form via the app. Once it has been submitted, the management is then able to respond to it where it could reduce the hassle and even provide a record in the system.


Every once in a while, there will be calls coming into the management to request contacts such as a guard’s contact, contact for the gas provider or even a plumber’s contact. Using the iNeighbour app, the management could upload any useful contact information for the residents to view and call. It’ll be very convenient for the residents to call for those useful contacts instead of them repetitively looking for management for such requests.

Panic Alert

A feature that is good to have, but hopes nobody has to use it. The iNeighbour app has a panic button for the residents to press where it would notify both the management, guards and emergency contacts (neighbours or friends) if any emergency were to occur. This would increase the response time in handling emergencies for the management and security guards.

There are even more ways that the iNeighbour System can benefit the property manager. Do not miss this chance to adopt a system to automate and increase efficiency in your work routine.
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