5 Ways of Security Enhancement with iNeighbour

Tuesday, October 25, 2022 TimeTec 0 Comments

Visitor Management System
iNeighbour provides the guardhouse panel tablet replaces the traditional way of handwriting in a notebook, the Visitor Management System able to record every visitor's checked in-out time, the purpose of visit, the unit and resident they visited. The residents would receive the live notification once the security checked-in-out the visitor, they are also able to report the “wrong visitor” check in their unit to management.

For management, admins are able to customise the settings and different questions before allowing visitors to access from their own neighbourhood iNeighbour account web portal. Management admin is also able to generate different reports, for example visitor checked-in-out, pre-registered and invited visitor, visitor checked-in trend, restricted visitor, wrong visitor checked-in and etc from web portal.


The security guards are able to intercom contact residents handphone through the iNeighbour Visitor Management System guardhouse panel tablet, it is able to control access and ensure that only authorised visitors are permitted into the neighbourhood. And for contact numbers of residents will remain concealed and protected for security and privacy purposes from iNeighbour Visitor Management System.


TimeTec BLE-2 is integrated into the iNeighbour Visitor Management System, the function can automatically trigger the visitor check-in and check-out lane barrier gates to open, it can avoid the security guards simply manually pressing the push button to allow the visitor access. Therefore the security guards have to register every visitor via the guardhouse tablet panel before allowing visitor access into the neighbourhood.

Panic Button
The Panic Button is designed to ensure the safety of the residents within a neighbourhood. In the event of an emergency, residents can trigger the Panic Button buzzing alarm in order to inform the guardhouse panel tablet to alert guards on duty and emergency contact persons.

The residents will be given the choice for the option to specify the types of incident involved (standard, burglary, fire, medical assistance), and 4 photos will be taken via the resident’s smartphone to be uploaded into the server for better description of the incident happening or for the sake of obtaining crucial evidence.

iPatrol System

iPatrol system is our guard patrolling solution that offers cloud connectivity. The iPatrol system provides flexible and rotated schedules remotely,  and also able to track your security guards KPI more accurately compared to the offline system.The supervisors and admin also will receive the live notification for any late or misses scanning during patrolling, and also able to generate the daily, weekly,and monthly report from the iPatrol system web portal. Security guards are able to report incidents during their patrolling duties to the management personnel in real-time.

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