The 4 Main Drivers of Access Control Market Growth

Thursday, October 31, 2019 TimeTec 0 Comments

Access Control is always viewed as a traditional market, stagnated and not at all sexy for newbies to
set foot in. Though there is some development observed over the years in this business of the old lock and bolt, only recently that it becomes more exciting and appealing with the incorporation of the latest technologies into its various solutions. 

We list down four main factors influencing the change of view in access control market progression in these recent years. 

Let's talk about IoT

The Internet of Things or acronym IoT is changing the entire designs of products and solutions for
numerous industries around the world, access control included. With the introduction of IoT into
access control, the possibilities it brings such as remote monitoring, simpler installation, data
centralization, real-time data, mobility, and many more, are excitable and valuable than before.
Forget cumbersome and expensive wiring when you can connect your smartphone to a Bluetooth
controller to control access to your premises. You can get notified when someone accesses your
premises in real-time, get a report of what's happening and top that with mobile credentials available 
on your smartphone, IoT provides convenience beyond compare. IoT really makes manufacturers
take a step back and rethink how they should offer their products and solutions to the consumers
going forward.

Cloud it Up
With Cloud, the access control that was once strictly location-based has now opened up extra
opportunities to its users. Cloud provides better data management and access to real-time data
remotely, and the fact that now consumers can subscribe to Access Control as a Service (ACaaS)
has facilitated high adoption, especially from small to medium-sized businesses. The reason
being, the deployment of ACaaS places system management, maintenance, and support to the
system integrator while the companies still can benefit from cost savings without compromising on
technical support and scalability. While the subscription cost might be a concern for starters, 
like all technologies, the pricing will stabilize over time to the advantage of the consumers, eventually. 

Open Platform Seamless Integration

The availability of open-platform technology has made seamless integration of access control
system with other solutions possible.  "No solutions fit all" is a fact, and by using the open-platform
capability, organizations can address their diverse needs by integrating their access control with
other solutions they require such as surveillance, attendance, and many more without much hassle.
It just makes sense to optimize the investment to its fullest by tapping on its full potential. 

Various Usage

All these advancements in technology providing an access control system to function more than
mere security with the addition of multiple functionalities into one system. For example, an access
control system that can integrate with a visitor management system. Therefore, it can control the
incoming and outgoing visitors into business premises, as well as an access control that can also
work as a clocking method for the attendance of the entire organization. 

The latest emerging technologies have given the access control industry a new lease of life, and the

players are embracing the development like no other. People are pushing the envelope with unique
creations that will propel this industry further in our effort to provide organizations with more reliable
security products and solutions. And for those who are adamant about sticking to the traditional way
about access control, the market continues to change at a faster pace, and it waits for no man.