The Need to Change is the Need to Make Things Better

Tuesday, October 01, 2019 TimeTec 0 Comments

This was how I applied for leave just a short two years ago. It was a three-step process every time. First, I called the HR manager Liza to give me the update on my leave balance. Then, I filled, printed and submitted a pdf form to her for the CEO approval. Last was the approval confirmation. Subsequently, Liza had to update me with the balance.

And I'm one of the many employees who are entitled to leaves in this company.

How could Liza get anything done with all the queries from the staff about the leaves? Why haven't we come up with a better system to deal with this every day, lesser ROI task?

Definitely, there is a better way of handling this repetitive, unproductive task for the admin.

The need to change is the need to make things better. If changing doesn't impact, why bother to change in the first place?

Why should a company be focusing on leave? The answer is, why not. Why should we put X amount of work that is giving us less return? Therefore, the goal is to automate the X so we can focus on other more profitable tasks.

So how does an automated cloud-based leave management system like TimeTec Leave change a company for the better? 

Stop doing a repetitive, unproductive task - Normal doesn't translate to practical. It's just that people have been doing a particular thing a certain way for an extended period, so it's accepted and becomes a norm. People used to hand wash clothes for hours before washing machine comes along. If you think that it's okay to print a form, fill it up and pass it to the superior which then give the form to his/her superior to approve, you are way behind time, and that has got to stop. If there is a better way of doing it, and it's not expensive, as a business, it's a crime not to explore.

Stop doing the calculation, recalculation and updating of data - Why do we always need to call HR for the leave balance? What do you have to do to cancel your leave application? Has the balance be credited into my account at the right time? When the system is set up right, TimeTec Leave answers all these questions for you through its app without your staff having to get involved in the (calculation) process. Less error, more effective.

Be quicker and more transparent - Approving a leave shouldn't take days, TimeTec Leave can settle it within minutes. A staff opens the app, apply for a leave, the superior gets a notification, approves the leave on the app, and the balance gets updated. Every detail is there for both parties to see. If the leave requires multiple approvers, multiple days, etc, TimeTec Leave handles it excellently on the app.

Provide more readily available Reports and Analysis - Investment in a new system must provide something better. With TimeTec Leave, reports and analysis are better and useful for the business. Now you know the leave pattern of your staff and departments, and plan your business around it to make your organization more productive, and your team more engaged at the same time. Subscribing to a system like TimeTec Leave gives you more data and more in-depth view of your company's workforce that you can use to strengthen the business.

Less paperwork, less wastage - Cliche? Perhaps. But, why do we need to use paper if it's not necessary? In these days, data is crucial, paperwork not. We can do a lot more without doing the paperwork, without using more resources and occupying more space. TimeTec Leave provides the data without taking space nor time.

Businesses need to start making changes for the better. Leave is a system where your organization should consider first because it covers all the workforce, and it is personal. Once you have gotten used to the efficiency of the cloud-based system, you wouldn't want to turn back, we promise.