HR-ing in the Digital Era

Thursday, June 27, 2019 TimeTec 0 Comments

AI, Big Data, cloud services, Internet of Thing - these are the latest buzzwords we’ve heard so much about lately. All these technology enhancements change the way organizations operate; where most systems are offered online, made transparent and accessible at any time, anywhere. But why and how does this digital transformation affected human resource or HR?

Organizations that are ready to adopt this digital transformation need to brace for various changes in their systems either abruptly or progressively including their daily work processes, recruiting flow, on boarding process and workforce management, and when the workforce is concerned, HR is in charge. Therefore, HR professionals have to play a role in ensuring that the changes made would not interrupt the business operation.

Here we provide 3 important aspects that every HR professional should consider when selecting new systems:

Automation in Recruitment
While old school HR sifts through resumes to find the right ones to interview, modern HR should be using advanced technologies to automate the recruiting process. Why? Because they can and the tool is available for use. One perfect example of a recruitment cloud solution that offers Applicant Tracking System is TimeTec Hire, where resume screening process is done automatically based on the settings provided by the HR/recruiting team. Say a company is looking for a copywriter with at least 2 years writing experience having a degree in English and great personality. By using TimeTec Hire, an admin or a recruitment personnel can set these requirements as mandatory e.g. 2 years writing experience, a degree in English, and etc, and when resumes started coming in, these requirements will be compared against the resumes and the system will shortlist a few candidates to go through the next process such as a quiz with a string of relevant questionnaires. Successful candidates of the quiz will then proceed to the interview session, where interviewers will have to fill up the interview score card set in the system for the system to average out the result.

There are plenty of benefits for company to use TimeTec Hire. The obvious ones are time saving, reduce demand on valuable resources, and everybody involved in the process will be kept on their toes on progress and update of recruitment process. Apart from that, automation of recruitment using the likes of TimeTec Hire will eliminate bias that is quite apparent in many organizations because naturally, most people want to do a favor to other people, hence, ‘cheating’ in the recruiting process by selecting candidates dear to the recruiter. TimeTec Hire as well simplifies the onboarding process because when the data are available, the data can be transferred into the HR system such as TimeTec Profile to be further completed with other necessary information. Having your own recruitment solution gives the control back to you, and provide you with comfort knowing that no prospective candidates escape your attention. And one other thing, after all is done, the data are kept organized, secured and easily accessible even after a few months, and this alone is a relief to many HR personnel who are in charge of filing and documentations.

Workforce Analysis Capability
Besides recruitment solution, today’s companies also need other workforce solutions to streamline processes and it is imperative that the 21st century solutions provide more than automation to the HR. Good solutions must not only be of convenience to the admin and users at large, they also must be able to provide analysis on the organization’s workforce, such as work performance analysis, predict employee flight risk, overview of employees Key Performance Indicator (KPI), discipline indicators and etc. The advantages of a cloud-based system is data accessibility. However, data are just numbers and information, and without analysis or interpretation, nothing much can be derived from any solutions. At the one hand, HR can draw their own conclusions from their observations. However, the accuracy of those conclusions could be questionable. On the other hand, by having a system such as TimeTec TA, the cloud-based time and attendance solution that collects attendance/clocking data based on the schedule/roster set by the admin at their disposal. HR can analyze employees’ work rates percentages, identify problematic areas, plan for remedial actions to improve the workforce’s discipline and eventually, productivity, all using reliable and accurate data collected from their employees overtime. In short by HR tapping on an awesome workforce tool like TimeTec TA, they have access to analysis charts to provide an overview of the whole organization down to the selected individuals.

Mobile Technology is Not Optional Anymore
Another technology that HR needs to pay attention to is mobile technology. Smartphone usage is  no longer about calling someone dan texting them. It has evolved to include more useful functions such as e-wallet, banking activities, health and fitness, smart community, music and more. Some useful features that smartphones offer are real time, GPS whereabouts, photos, instant notification and instant updates. Therefore, developers are exploiting those features to offer cool Apps for work and leisure alike. One such App that puts the cool smartphone features to use is TimeTec Leave, the cloud-based leave management system by TimeTec. The App lets employees apply their leave via smartphone and at the same time, the boss or superior will receive the application instantly for review and approval. The employees can also view their leave information such as leave allowances, leave types, leave balances, leave calendar, leave policy and much more from the App. The employer on the hand can derive the leave data for analysis and find areas for improvement to increase employee’s engagement. The mobile technology is part of the digital revolution, and not only a solution like TimeTec Leave is using it, TimeTec TA offers various clocking methods via the App for convenience amongst other useful features offered to consumers. Therefore, HR needs to open up to smartphone Application usage to create better working process and better results for the company. 

As a conclusion, in moving forward HR has to embrace comprehensive and transparent systems that not only able to analyze but also evaluate data and information, while at the same time offering platforms that are inclusive all employees’ views and feedback. The digital era closes the gap between HR and employees more than ever by presenting various options and channels of communication to utilize. The only thing HR professionals need to do is to imagine new ways of delivering HR services to its organization and deploy the technologies available to their advantage.

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