Managing Part-Time Workers Attendance with TimeTec TA: A magic tool businesses should have at their disposal

Friday, May 17, 2019 TimeTec 0 Comments

Part-time employment is integral in most labour forces, and according to the recent World Bank data, it even constitutes to more than 40% of total employment in countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland and Australia. This translates to a significant number of workers that are usually scattered across all industries. Why so many part-time workers? In some cases, industry requirements or corporate strategies results in employers looking for more part-time employees or cutting back hours. On the other hand, it could also be by choice, due to a range of factors like study commitments, childcare, nature of jobs available and personal preferences.

For many companies, engaging part-time staff is a great option. Companies get to control overhead, hire based on workload or specialist skills required, as well as retain valuable staff that wish to switch from full-time work. However, from a HR perspective, managing their attendance and payroll claims might be a hassle.

If your company happens to be one of those employing part-time staff, let’s consider some of the ways that TimeTec TA can help.

Don’t Waste Money - Subscribe to What You Only Need

Some organisations rely heavily on part-timers to cope with spikes in workload and demand. For instance, retail and hospitality business booms around festive and holiday seasons while the education industry goes busy during school terms. When staff count increases, your attendance management system will also have to accommodate the expansion. With TimeTec TA cloud application, this will not be an issue as the system is capable of maintaining its performance and response regardless of whether increasing or decreasing the number of users and size of data for processing. You can scale up for the periods when business grows and scale back down during off seasons.

The user management module is also user friendly, as Admins can easily add users or import employee data and instantly deactivate users once they leave the company. Effective user management is essential when HR have to manage a constant turnover of part-timers. Imagine how much administrative task this involves if your company have newcomers every other day or week in never-ending cycles.

In tandem with that, cost wise, the application also offers good value, as you can adjust the subscription based on real-time business requirements. You only have to pay for what is currently needed and we even provide an option for monthly subscription, so if you hire a few more part-time staff as helping hands for a month long event, just tack on the extra licenses for a month to your account and you will be good to go. The starting cost is also relatively low, a tiny fraction of salary or wages.

Versatile Clocking - Monitoring On the Get Go

In terms of collecting attendance, you can also find many Clocking options that comes with TimeTec TA. Besides supporting FingerTec terminal connection, the system has a few clocking methods that do not require any new hardware in order to use it, such as GPS or Wifi clocking via the TimeTec TA mobile App. Additionally, if preferred, you can also pair the App with NFC tags or Beacons. You can mix the options, choose one method for office staff and another for mobile ones.

The App is probably the best choice for staff that are not based at the central workplace. Some companies will have part-timers working in multiple branches or outlets. At other places, the staff may work from remote locations such as event venue or project sites, not to mention those working from home. To facilitate attendance clocking, these employees just need to install TimeTec TA App into their smartphones, login and they can start clocking from anywhere. If you wish to, you can also permit supervisor clocking whereby the supervisor on site can be the one that does clocking for your part-timers, together with photo verification.

Attendance Approval for Claim - Saves Time Gains Accuracy

For part-time jobs such as sales assistants, waiters, caregivers, tutors, university staff and etc., one common distinguishing trait is that often, the employees are paid by hourly or daily rates, with extras on public holidays. On top of that, the work hours can be variable, determined on an as needed basis by the supervisor. As such, for HR to process payroll for certain part-timers, it’s a must for them to submit claim forms which are signed off by a supervisor.

With our system, during this approval process, supervisors can easily access the updated attendance records to recheck actual hours worked, even through the mobile App. Moreover, there is an Attendance approval function that can be enabled if you require these approvers to acknowledge that they verified the attendance sheet and it matches the hours claimed. Therefore, HR does not have to step in to prepare the attendance records beforehand and can delegate all the detailed checking to supervisors which saves time for payroll processing. Not only that, if you are looking for online Overtime approval, it is also one of the options available.

Flexible Scheduling & Roster Made Easy

When it comes to part-time work arrangements, there are all kinds out there. There are those that work the normal week at fixed times, some work by the hour or by sessions booked, and others only on certain days of the week. Part-time sales promoters often take on week-long to month-long jobs and they could be working consecutive days in that period.  It can get complicated and difficult to track, so you need a flexible system like TimeTec TA that takes care of all the different scheduling requirements. With this solution, supervisors are able to quickly create weekly, daily or flexi schedules that will suit any kind of part-time staff. Use a flexi schedule if employees are allowed to clock in/out at any time or a daily schedule for those on shifts.

Detailed Reports and Transparency Every Single Time

Ultimately, the purpose of an attendance management system is to keep track of attendance and provide useful information to the right people. TimeTec TA provides data for attendance, work hours, short hours, overtime and more with Attendance Sheet and Reports. There is also multi-user access, which means everyone involved such as HR, Head of Departments, supervisors and the employees themselves will be able to access relevant and real-time information. Giving access to the staff is particularly important, whether for transparency and fairness or to enable claims submission. This also allows them to check for discrepancies and if they do spot errors, initiate a request to edit attendance.

With the numerous features available in TimeTec TA, you will surely find a few, if not more, that helps to improve your company’s attendance management, whether for part-time or full-time employees. To find out more, you can sign up for a free trial or contact us at