5 TimeTec Leave Features You Never Thought You Need Them Until You Do

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 TimeTec 0 Comments

Employee Leave Management is an important aspect in the Human Resource Department particularly businesses that require labor intensive industries such as manufacturing, retail, and services. For the management of employee leave, not only that Human Resources has to ensure the leave allowance details to be accurate at all times without compromising on the employees’ leave eligibility and compliance; they also need to keep on adjusting the overall leave balance to match with all the ongoing leave applications, approvals, rejections and etc, that have been submitted by the employees all year long. Nevertheless, no matter how complex the management of leave can be, those features are still the basics of any Employee Leave Management. Regardless of whether your Human Resource Department is still practising paper form application method or they have moved on to a more modern tool to manage employee leave, those features mentioned above need to be readily available and have to produce the correct outcome at all times. 

However, on top of the basic features, Human Resources also needs to know that there are features you never thought available or useful until the time you need them.

TimeTec Leave is a cloud-based employee leave management system designed to incorporate all features that a leave system should have as well as make them available on Mobile App and Web Application for added convenience. Cloud-based system definitely is a better choice when it comes to data collection, data centralization, data security and data management. In addition to providing crucial features, TimeTec Leave also presents 5 added features that might come handy to various organization and their Human Resource Department. Let’s explore those features.

Replacement Leave
This is a unique leave management feature whereby a company agrees to replace work hours with a replacement leave day instead of monetary pay. For example, a staff is required to work on a weekend for 8 hours and instead of paying the employee with salary, the staff is eligible to apply for a one day replacement annual leave. However, the application and approval is subject to the company’s leave policy and it has to comply with the labor law of the land. This feature might not be relevant to all industries but for selected industries like training and services, Replacement Leave is a sought-after feature.

Replacement Credit information for user

Restricted Leave Display Overview 
There are various types and sizes of organizations out there, and some practise transparency while some others prefer to keep certain things private. Therefore, in TimeTec Leave, the application offers a feature known as Restricted Leave Display Overview, where a company can choose whether everybody can view everybody’s leave in the Calendar or only the relevant Department is allowed to view their department’s leave details. For companies who choose to view by department, the information will thus not be available to other departments.

Leave Overview displaying leave information for all staff

Leave Restriction
In principle, employer cannot prohibit an employee from taking a leave if the employee do not break any rules or company policy. However, a company can restrict leave application during peak season or crunch period to maintain optimum operation. Hence, TimeTec Leave offers another feature known as Leave Restriction, where the company can restrict the number of users that can apply for a certain leave type within a certain period of time. For example, an admin can set a maximum of 10 staff who can apply for an annual leave in January 2019. Therefore, when this feature is set, the 11th applicant will not be permitted to apply for annual leave using the system. You probably thought you’d never going to use this feature? Think again.

Admin can set daily limit for specific leave type, for specific department

Leave Reminder
Who wouldn’t remember the leave that they have taken? You’d be surprise that many would or the fact that superiors approve the leave applications without paying attention to details. The purpose of this feature is to remind employees on their upcoming leave and at the same time it is intended to inform their superior that they are taking the leave to ensure that replacements have been properly placed as not to disturb the operation. This reminder feature can be set to a maximum of 3 times. E.g: 7 days, 3 days and 1 day before the leave date.

Example of email notification for leave reminder

Leave Attachment
This feature serves the company and Human Resource Department in two ways. One is to provide instant proof and second is to attach the proof to the correct data at all times. There are certain leave types which require proof such as sick leave = MC slip, compassionate leave = death certificate, marriage leave = married certificate, and etc. By having a feature that can tie all these attachments to the corresponding leave type, it is simply amazing and time saving.

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