Employers! Consider These 5 Things That Employees Appreciate

Wednesday, September 05, 2018 TimeTec 0 Comments

Who doesn’t welcome a big fat bonus and a considerable increase or any hike in salary? But at work, those two things don’t come every so often and most definitely you’ll have to earn it. However, it’s a known fact that employees spend most of their time at the office, or for the office, and because of that, employers need to be mindful of the employees' welfare and well-being. Modern employers need to listen and respond to their employees because these are the people who are moving their businesses towards the set goals. In the Silicon Valley, for example, most things like food, lodging, medical care and etc are given free, an effort to retain valuable employees. Retention programmes have also become a strategy for the human resource department in companies worldwide to keep their valuable staff intact in order for development programs to proceed smoothly without any interruptions. However, apart from a good office, salary increment and bonus; what else could an employer do to retain their employees? While organizing a company trip overseas is awesome, a company can instead do the little things that employees appreciate. TimeTec presents how a company can deliver these without breaking the bank. Additional Annual Leave When you cannot afford to spend more on salaries or bonuses, you can compensate it with valuable time. How? By adding some annual leave into the mix. Show your appreciation to the long-serving staffs with an additional day or two to their total annual leave. This could be accomplished by tweaking your company leave policy and specifying the duration of service that is applicable. In addition, a company can also be creative and provide a different kind of leave to serve a deserving group of staffs such as Menses Leave for women employees, or that employees are allowed to replace overtime with a day of leave. Time is as good as money and it is certainly something that employees appreciate more than money.

Leeway in Time Attendance Employees are not robots, they have errands to do, family to take care of, elderly to pay attention to. While being on time is good for business, but occasionally it still poses a challenge to some employees. Having said that, a company can give a bit of leeway in time attendance like a grace period before an employee’s attendance is recorded as late. For example, your company’s official time is 9am to 5pm. If you have a grace period of 15 minutes, for instance, employees who arrive at 9:12 will not be considered late. Yes, employees should know how to manage their time, but a little consideration on time policy from the company is actually a win-win for everybody. When a company understands, employees would, therefore, appreciate and engage.

Work Location Flexibility
As an employer, would you worry about not seeing your employees at the office? Well, don’t. Modern workforce values flexibility and if a company can allow them to work from home or every now and then, they will surely appreciate the gesture. Working from home doesn’t mean everything will go unsupervised and haywire. We are talking about mature employees that can get the job done on time with the quality expected from them. Hence, work location doesn’t really matter. Nonetheless, the company needs an effective tool to control this arrangement such as having a GPS attendance for those particular employees or at least a mobile attendance tool for timekeeping.

Breathing Room
Employees do not appreciate micromanagement. Who would like to have their superior breathing on their necks at all times? Employees appreciate the employer who trusts, and they will be committed and engaged to the company if they know that they have the trust of the management. However, the company also cannot let loose on everything because a ship needs to be steered to the destination. Again, a company needs a tool to monitor the employees’ ongoings but not to intrude in their everyday matter too much. Sometimes, managers have the feeling that a particular employee has taken too many breaks, instead of assuming, get the information sorted out to support the claim and don’t make a mistake by confronting the employee with false information. It’s wise to have a monitoring system so that the employer doesn’t have to be nagging for information. One thing for sure, employees do not appreciate being blamed for no apparent reason.

Invest in Good Tools
Don’t be skimpy, invest in good tools for employees to work efficiently. You can’t expect a nice looking advertisement without having good software for your designers to work on. You can’t expect a great piece without employing a good writer. Computers need to be replaced after sometimes, so your employees shouldn’t have to wait forever to load certain things. A decent Internet connectivity must be available for the work to be fast and efficient. Because it’s frustrating when a job can’t be accomplished in time as there are not enough available tools to get it done. An employer shouldn’t expect an employee to go to the office to clock their attendance at 9:00 am when the meeting appointment is set at 9:30 am at a customer’s office. As such, a mobile attendance tool is necessary for dealing with the mobile workforce. In addition, investment in cloud leave management tool is a great way to reduce the workload of HR personnel in handling the intricate leave details and at the same time, provides transparency to the employees. 

Time progresses and changes observed. Workforce behavior is changing with time and employers need to keep up and catch up. These little things that a company does could no doubt amount to a long-term commitment from your employees.