Do You Need to Automate Your Staff's Attendance?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

Not every company should be investing in time attendance automation but it’s common knowledge that tracking time attendance of every employee manually can be time consuming, labor intensive and perhaps cost more money that it should if it involves a great number of employees, multiple errors and other complications. Eventually, all growing organizations would be automating time attendance system at some point in their business to achieve efficiency in employee management. But, at what point would you consider the move?

Let’s look at some of the factors that organizations need to weight in before making any decisions about time attendance automation.

Once your company headcount is as large as this, attendance automation is a not a option anymore.

The size of your organization matters because the more employees you have, the harder it is to keep track and the more information needs to be processed in order to yield the target outcomes. When processing time attendance takes a good chunk of your good employees’ time and it affects other areas like payroll, human resources and other business systems, automated system of employee clocking is the way to go. Delay in these areas in large companies would spell catastrophic to operation.

Company’s working schedules is another factor to highlight in making the decision. Companies that having shifts, outstation workers, overtime and flexible hours for example, are definitely in need of effective rostering system to regulate their employees and at the same time manage cost effectively. Without automated attendance system to take care of the different working schedules and rosters, it could disrupt operations, costing the company more money and effort to replace the absence or undisciplined workers in the effort to complete the tasks.

Anybody could take anybody's card and commit buddy punching with card system. 

Buddy punching could pose a serious problem in an organization not only in terms of monetary where usually companies need to add up extra money for payroll from 2-5% every month end. Biometric time and attendance system can effectively eliminate this problem overnight by promoting “you-are-you” concept with biometrics identification. Without the biometrics data of the correct person, verification is just not possible. And this brings us to another factor, which is your system data collection. If time attendance is crucial in your organization, clocking in via identification of unique characteristic of employees to identify hours worked is the least open to abuse.

For organization that has multiple locations, time and attendance can be an even more complex process. Hence, automation and centralization is not an option. Different branches may operate on different sets of rules and times, and maybe also involves different privileges and reporting for management and staff. Multiple branches not only should have automated attendance system but it should seek cloud computing as THE solution, for the system is not only centralized but it also can be accessed securely from anywhere with appropriate level of access.

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Last but definitely not least, what is the investment your company is willing to spend on the attendance system? It could be seen as extravagant in terms of capital outlay but in a long run, biometrics and cloud system is actually affordable and it is the solution required for organizations looking to increase efficiencies.