Curbing Nonchalant Time Stealing the TimeTec Cloud Way

Wednesday, December 24, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

Honesty is apparently not the best policy, definitely not in the working world because often times, human resources department has to deal with dishonest employees with regards to time attendance and medical leaves causing company a lot of money. For an employee, so what if he asked other fellow colleague to clock in for him and he'll show up an hour later? Nobody will even notice that he's missing in that short hour. So, what if he clocked in earlier and clocked out later than scheduled? When an appointment with a client outside of the office is at 11, just inform the office that the meeting is at 10 and go straight from home around 10 instead of checking into the office first. Who’s going to check on you? 

Time Stealing is Harmless?

And the worrying part is, majority employees who commit this act do not feel remotely guilty of doing such thievery because there’s no negative impact on their lives whatsoever. What's it to the company if they have to fork out some extra dollars? It's not going to hurt anybody, is it? In business, each minute equals to dollars and cents and a company must remember that one extra hour a day makes a cheating employee slightly richer on payday. Multiply that to x number of employee, the damage is pretty apparent, isn't it?

Employee's perspective of company's time

Another open secret of the working world is that, the best days to call in sick are Mondays and Fridays, and employers know that employee will think of a way to prove their illness. Companies suffer losing money on absent employees on top of having to spend a lot more on medical claims entitled to employees. It’s reported recently that Malaysian employers lose RM2.9billion equivalent to almost USD1 billion in a year to workers replacing employees on medical leave. Absence employees, late employees, undisciplined employees cost company more money than it should be, and solutions are being offered to curb this never ending quandary.

Basically the problem is, employees do not view stealing time or faking sickness as iniquitous. The challenge of an employer is to justify them wrong.

Achieving Fairness
Not to say that companies needs to be anal (this word comes from "anal retentive", a term from Freudian psychoanalysis) about time attendance and medical leaves entitlement on employees, believe me that tight surveillance on employees is not the objective (well, maybe to some crazy control freak bosses out there and my heart goes to their employees). Companies simply want to find solutions to justify the money that goes into their operation cost, as human capital is indeed expensive and growing annually! To pay employees on the actual time they work and to deduct on those time they don’t, is pretty fair for everybody. Arguments go back and forth that time is not the only factor that determines one company’s performance. What an employee puts into the job is much more important than the time they put in the job, some argues. Yet, why can’t a company have the cake and eat it too? Is it too much to ask for good disciplined employees?

Time keeping has always been the device to check on honesty 

TimeTec Cloud, A Winning Solution!
Solution like TimeTec Cloud by FingerTec is designed to provide a win-win solution for both parties; employers and employee. Pair the solution with biometrics authentication readers, consumers are offered with a wholesome remedy to dishonesty problem. With three possible verification options, biometrics readers, web punch and mobile app, TimeTec Cloud is offering more than mere time attendance. With biometrics readers, honesty is prioritized, as you can’t simply switch bodies or buddy punch to prove your presence. Web-punch provides an economical option to a convenient solution and TimeTec mobile attaches location tags, suitable for employees who are on the go. Nothing is lost in translation so to speak.  

When the solution is this good, try it! 

More importantly, TimeTec Cloud provides all kinds of reports to justify the cost and investment to the management. With a whopping 26 configured reports that include details movement analysis, daily electronic card, on leave report, tardiness report and many more, employer could identify the problematic areas and fix them as necessary. Not only the company is getting the big picture of cost per head, at the same time they know in great details about employee’s activities. Not to be a stalker but ultimately finding solutions and improvements to better the company. This solution also offers employees an option to view their performance online. With transparency to employees and employer, everybody wins.

Reports available in TimeTec Cloud

Deployment of subtle control using a simple and affordable solution like TimeTec Cloud, employers are well informed about the human resources situations more clearly. Hence, they can tweak wherever necessary.

As a wise man once said, time waits for no man; why not at least have a solution that knows which time goes to which man?