Having Trouble Managing Security Guards? TimeTec Patrol has the solution and more!

If you are still using the conventional way of managing your security guards’ patrolling system; with log books and patrol stick, it’s time to consider a more effective and smart solution with cloud-based TimeTec Patrol solution.

Traditional patrolling system needs different patrolling devices with all data and reports available offline. And even cumbersome, the data is scattered all over place requiring someone else to gather it manually to fit different purposes. Because of this, some information related to patrol rounds might be missing or the data gathered is inaccurate, resulting in wrong conclusions and decisions.

TimeTec Patrol on the other hand automates data collection, monitoring and managing process and improves the overall patrolling system by making it available online and allowing security guard and the people in charge to access to accurate information and report in a timely manner and respond in real-time. By having a system that collects all activities that happen automatically, security vendor and client can take comfort that the system is giving them accurate data at all times.

The next question would be, would this TimeTec Patrol deployment easy and affordable? The answer is yes and yes. You just need the common Android smartphones that support NFC technology, those inexpensive NFC tags, a computer at the guard house or control room and of course, Internet connection.

Here’s what you will get from TimeTec Patrol.

Organize and manage security guards
It’s important to properly organize your security guards from the get go, especially if you have many branches. In TimeTec Patrol, you can set your branches and add your security guards at the locations. This way you will be able to manage the patrolling data and be certain about the security guards assigned for each location, making monitoring a breeze and accurate.

Detailed information on checkpoints
Then you need to add buildings, floors and checkpoints for each patrol location in TimeTec Patrol for better overview. You can add building floor plans, checkpoints information and task-to-do at every checkpoints. With this readily available information, managing your security guards couldn’t be easier.

Manage routes
All patrolling guards must have routes assigned to them. In TimeTec Patrol, you can create a patrol route for each patrol location by adding in the checkpoints, its scanning rules and time, and nothing will be lost in translation with all the information and audit trail available in the system at all times.

Create patrol schedules
Create patrol schedules and assign them to your guards. These schedules will reflect in the security guards’ mobile app, where the routes and checkpoints will be displayed according to the schedule, avoiding any confusion or void in patrol routes.

Report rounds - Tap and Go
TimeTec Patrol Mobile app supports patrol check-ins via smartphone, using the NFC technology, requiring security guards to only bring their smartphones during rounds. Simply tap on the NFC tag that is located at a specific checkpoint to report their check-in time and send incidents report, if any, and continue to the next checkpoint. Every check time will be updated real-time in TimeTec Patrol and the summary of the rounds are available as soon as the security guards finishes their rounds. The app also supports Offline Mode for locations that don’t have Internet connection.

And Many More..
In TimeTec Patrol, we have added many features that are useful to both admin and security guards. In the TimeTec Patrol Mobile app, we have a Panic Button feature that will send notification automatically to emergency contacts once it is triggered, complete with GPS location and auto-captured photos. The admin can also send new job orders to the security guards on-duty during their rounds and generate reports at any time. As TimeTec Patrol is a cloud-based system, improvements and enhancements are being done constantly and you can look forward to more new features in the future.

Security aspects like security guard for a premise is crucial but the system that manages these security guards and their patrolling activities is equally important to get accurate data at all times and immediate response during emergencies. TimeTec Patrol can deliver you that peace of mind and confidently manage your security guards and the patrolling system.

Head over to www.timetecpatrol.com to give it a try and experience the modern cloud-based monitoring system first hand. Any enquiry, reach us at info@timeteccloud.com and we’ll be right there with you.

Flexible Working is Trending Worldwide. Are you ready to embrace it?

Flexible working is the new trend in today’s working environment. With the rising of travelling cost; fuel price, train/bus tickets and not to forget, the endless traffic jam, it’s only wise for companies to offer options like flexible work arrangements and the ability to work from home or from anywhere to their employees.

According to a survey done by PwC, 63% of workers say they expect that the standard eight-hour workday will be obsolete and 68% said they expect to work remotely instead of commute to an office everyday. Many companies are now adapting this new flexible working method such as flexible work hours, work from home, and hot desking and it’s definitely something that’s worth to consider.

Let’s see how flexible working can benefit your business

1. Reduced Costs 
Less people in the office means less cubicle, less electricity bills, savings on overheads, and more. This allows businesses to grow and increase headcount without the need of having a larger office space.

2. Better Productivity
By not having to commute to the office or getting stuck in traffic jam, employee can save time and are more incline to start their work earlier and finish later. Also, flexible workers often work more effectively at home to justify the arrangement made for them and this means value increase for the business.

3. Increased employee job satisfaction and loyalty
The freedom to manage own time will give the confidence to the employee and create loyalty towards the employer. Offering flexible working can also be one of the ways for employer to retain valuable staff.

4. Reduced absenteeism and tardiness
With flexible working time, employee can work according to the time that suits them best; whether it’s morning or night. With the options given, employee will more likely to be present on workdays, reducing absenteeism and tardiness rate.

5. Attract talents
Flexi working time is something that most employees sought after; to be able to spend more time with their families and friends. This would be a great appeal that a company could have to attract more employees that want to achieve a better work-life balance.

To implement flexible working method, you also would need a good system to monitor their working time. TimeTec TA offers flexi schedule setup and also allows employees to report their attendance via mobile using GPS option. With this, you can still monitor the attendance for your flexi workers and check their performance every time.

A thing to note is, not every organization and all staff can adopt flexible working hours because some staff are required to be at the office or work place at all times due to the nature of the job like doctors, nurses, teachers, construction workers, factory workers and etc.

But for the businesses that could, let’s get flexible and use TimeTec TA!

Boss Mode - A System Role for Bosses to Monitor Workforce Performance

TimeTec TA App provides a comprehensive dashboard for administrators to take a quick look at the overview of the company’s workforce performance, and to supply a remedy for any problematic attendance patterns observed.

Ironically, the bosses’ attendance records can affect the overall data because bosses are more often than not are not reporting for attendance, they don’t apply for leaves, they don’t adhere to the work schedule and shouldn’t be monitored.

The Boss Mode is a feature in TimeTec TA that takes those bosses out of the system yet still provide them with the power to access and observe what’s going on in the Company.

Step 1 – Create a New Division under Organization Structure

In this example, we are going to name the structure as Management. There are 3 people assigned to the Management under the organization structure, consists of Jonathan as the boss. Hence, you need to create a subdivision to house Jonathan as the Boss, and subdivision to place the rest of the Top Management people. Assign them to the subdivision accordingly. You can also have more than one person as bosses.

You can also have different users assigned to different subdivision but still under the structure of Management.

Step 2 – Create System Role and Exclude Boss Sub Division

You need to create a new system role to be named Boss and select Partial Division. From the drop-down menu, exclude the Boss division (subdivision of Management). At the Access right section, select Full Module Right. Finally, assign the boss to this new system role.

With the Boss Mode,  the bosses can access the system and monitor all the activities without being counted in and nobody can have access to the bosses’ profiles and the ‘performance’ and the dashboard will present the total of staff without the bosses' data anymore.

Let’s Explore Cloud Attendance, It’s Your Obvious Choice!

Attendance clocking for workers has been around for decades; the difference is the way data is collected; the objective remains to trace the time an employee works for a company. The time data is significant for a business entity not only for payroll purposes but also more importantly for the company to comply with the labor law. Punch clock, RFID card, and barcode are some of the most commonly used clocking methods and now cloud attendance is the future. Having similar objective with the rest of the time attendance solutions, we present you 7 key factors why cloud attendance should be your business obvious choice today!

1. Data Available When You Need It
Some cynics would argue that cloud solution is not new; it’s not something to get excited about anymore, yaddi yaddi yadda. Yes, it’s true that cloud is no longer a novelty solution. However, cloud solutions provide convenience that no Windows or other conventional solutions could ever offer. Data centralization is key to efficiency today; you want the data to be available when you open your laptop and when you access your smartphone, and cloud attendance like TimeTec TA definitely gives you that and even more. 

2. Clocks At Your Disposal
Today’s world is so mobile, one can be at home working and one can also be away from the office and working; the office is not the ultimate workspace anymore. Cloud attendance like TimeTec TA caters to staff mobility with various easy clocking options provided on your mobile phone app, from GPS to NFC and Beacon clocking.  And for the stationary personnel at the office, biometrics and pc clocking are available to link to TimeTec TA too. 

3. One Solution Fits All
As your organization expands and downscales, your organizational needs change. Cloud attendance such as TimeTec TA caters to that with its scalable offerings. Subscribe only what you need and add more as you grow and vice versa. And the absence of hardware and infrastructure investment in cloud solution makes it easier for your business to make decision. 

4. Transparency is the Best Policy
Access to data in many companies has always been one sided where only the company has access to your information. Cloud attendance provides you with your own data and your immediate staff’s data to enable you to oversee the overall performance, to rectify and remedy wherever necessary. The accessibility to one own’s data strengthens staff’s morale and boosts accountability. 

5. Data Lost No More
Utilizing cloud attendance like TimeTec TA, data lost is a myth. For TimeTec TA, data is backed up securely in at least two servers, guaranteeing data availability at all times and data retrieval is easy, providing convenience at its best.  

6. Saves Time & Money
Unlike the conventional system where you have to tabulate attendance data, do configurations through different PCs without guidance and support, Cloud Attendance made it easy by centralized configurations and settings, applicable to many branches. Data tabulation and analysis can also be easily obtained through this online solution. 

7. Say Goodbye to Carbon Footprints
Cloud attendance like TimeTec TA is good for the environment. Providing flexibility in clocking methods, staffs do not need to travel back and forth to the office space to clock out, as he or she can do it from a mobile phone and the company still receives genuine attendance data. Cloud attendance also lessens the use of paper and pen because everything is handled electronically. 

Open an account with TimeTec TA, get your 10 user licenses free for life, and experience the convenience of Cloud Attendance. Click www.timetecta.com for more information. TimeTec TA App is provided for free with free licenses and subscription. 

Effective Overtime Approval with TimeTec TA

Overtime Approval processes can be complicated sometimes, especially when it requires more than one approver. Based on a company’s policy, Overtime Approvals can be made before or after the overtime shift itself. Normally, Overtime Approvals are requested manually by submitting printed application forms to managers.  

TimeTec improves the Overtime Approval process by permitting an admin to setup Overtime Approval rules and send notifications on Overtime Request Status automatically to employees who requested the overtime. This feature speeds up the whole overtime approval process and everything is done accurately based on the set rules.  

Here’s how TimeTec TA automate your Overtime Approval process:
Example - An employee applies for Overtime in advance, schedule allowed for OT request is as below:

Set the Overtime Rules. Go to User > Manage Approval Rules > Add

1. Set Users
Name the Approval Process. Select the application where the approval process will take effect, in this case, TimeTec TA and select Overtime Request. Select the users to apply this approval rules. 

2. Set the criteria to initiate the process. 
Based on the rules above, select the information accordingly.

3. Set the approval process and approvers
You can set Auto Approve for automatic approval, or select Set Approvers if you need specific personnel to do the approval process. Select ‘Set Approvers’ to set the approval process either by sequential, random or any number of approvers. Select the approver name to proceed. For this scenario, let’s set for ‘Sequential’. Click ‘Add Approvers’ and select ‘Based on System Roles’ or ‘User’ and put the approval sequence accordingly. 

4. Set the validity period for the application
You can set the application validity period for the approvers to respond. For example, 5 days. Application that has not been approved within 5 days will expire.

Once you have submitted, you will see the approval rules has been added in and will be initiated on the effective date. 


Once the approval rules have been set, users can start applying for Overtime via TimeTec TA. Requests can be made from the Approval section or from Roster.

Select the date and time for the overtime and provide the reason.
User will be notified via mobile notification once the overtime has been approved. 


1. Go to Approval to view any New requests. Click at the Status to view the request details.
2. To approve or reject, insert your comment and click on the approve or reject button. Select ‘Only disclose to approvers’ to limit the comment view to approvers only. Otherwise, both approvers and applicants can see the comment. 

We hope you will find this newly added approval features beneficial and improves your overtime management. We will be enhancing the approval feature with more functions such as attendance editing approval and swap shift, so stay tune with us at TimeTec.