Keep Your Team Together with TimeTec Profile

Employee’s personal and employment information is most of the time private and has to be kept confidential by the Human Resource department. Information such as staff’s remuneration packages and other sensitive information need to be safely guarded by the HR personnel to avoid office crisis and complication.  Nevertheless, how do the they (HR) obtain and keep that information, as well as how accessible and updated is the information are the questions management need to ask going forward.

Conventionally, when a candidate comes for an interview, the person needs to fill up a form, bring their certificates and credentials, etc, and the HR personnel will file all the information and documents for future reference. While that has worked in the past, it doesn’t mean it has to be that way to stay relevant. Times have changed and many modern companies are indeed looking for a simpler way to manage employee information and that some information needs to be made accessible to other people apart from the HR personnel to achieve corporate efficiency.

TimeTec Profile has been created to centralize all your team members profiles into one place making it easier for authorized personnel to access into relevant information when required. TimeTec Profile offers employee data online, data intact, data correct and updated at all times.

With TimeTec Profile, all employee details can be keyed into the system straight from the interview phase and the information can be directly assimilated into the company’s profile during onboarding process. No more manual data entry required when TimeTec Profile saves all the information on cloud, online, complete with soft copies of certificates and credentials.    Create your company’s own organizational uniqueness by creating relevant fields to your employee’s profile. Get all the relevant details in your system and manage the organizational hierarchy easily through this single solution. No man is an island, and with TimeTec Profile, you can connect your team members effectively and efficiently. Don’t worry about confidentiality or information leak because the admin can determine the access levels of employees to safeguard your company’s confidential information and let different personnel to view different areas.

Through TimeTec Profile also, the company can subscribe to other useful workforce solutions such as TimeTec TA for workforce time attendance and scheduling as well as TimeTec Leave for leave management, and all the solutions can be managed from one place to avoid confusion and mismanagement.

By having everything integrated and accessible through different access levels, TimeTec Profile safeguards all your employee’s information so you can build your organizational structure and keep your team together effectively and affordably.

TimeTec Profile will be available by TimeTec Cloud by December 2017. Rest assured that the solution will be useful to any type of organization at a tiny price. Watch this space for more TimeTec Profile announcement.

You Are Absolutely Right, Cloud Solution is Expensive!

When asked about what is a setback of a cloud deployment within an organization, the answer is that implementation cost always tops the list. Customers often wonder why should they subscribe to a cloud solution when they could just buy a one-off similar Windows solution at a cheaper price? Yeah, why indeed.

There is nothing wrong with the existing Windows software except that of the initial get go, there are many steps involved in the installation such as setting up, user login and etc in which you are required to have an IT expert to run it. Trust me, without this guy, nothing moves. And on top of that, Windows software is also made to be quite rigid when sharing with other computers as well as login from other places are not permitted, because it is designed to be location-specific. Plus, don’t expect data from Windows software to be in real-time because it is not on cloud.

When cloud solutions are introduced, it brings a whole new meaning to the term data management. Cloud solutions promote seamless data management that is not bound by location or time of access. At USD2 per user per month for example, not only will managers be able to access the data from anywhere they want but also at anytime they wish too and the data they receive is in real time, which means that the data is always up to date and relevant. Users, on the other hand, do not need to carry their heavy laptops as cloud developers usually offer the mobile app as an additional tool for user’s convenience. The users of cloud system can be anywhere in the world and whenever they use a cloud system the data are always updated in real time for accuracy.

Of course, cloud solution is expensive. Running a cloud solutions team is definitely not easy on your bank account because you need to have the best team of coders to write the best user experience products your brand could ever deliver. The team must be able to identify problems and bugs at all times and they need to fix the problems the soonest possible and provide feature updates all year long with one objective in mind: To provide the best ever solution to the clients. What’s more, cloud servers also have to be set up, maintained, backed up, and secured from all ends to achieve the same objective for the customers. If all these are not expensive, then what is?

But most important of all, cloud solutions will provide customers with invaluable plus improved processes and amazing user experience that extends beyond its price. Definitely cloud solutions are expensive because of its subscription model, but it is loaded with useful features and convenience that makes the price aspect very minute in the bigger picture. By using cloud, users will no longer need to worry about server condition, maintenance, the IT guy, the database, etc because almost everything rests on the shoulder of the developers. On that note, companies that are reluctant to shift to cloud solutions could find their decision to be costly in the near future when data needs to be at your fingertips at all times.

And for USD2, what can you buy? One Nacho Cheese from Taco Bell. Think about it.

Increase Employee's Engagement, Solve Unfair Scheduling with the Right Solution!

By: Norana Johar

One of the most critical workforce management issues of 2017 is how to deal with the unfair schedules that affect employees. Basically speaking, unfair schedules is when the schedules are built around the needs of the company or organization first with little or no regard at all on the employees’ side.

The consequence of this is damaging in the long run because employees who feel that they have not been treated fairly will eventually lose their engagement with the company. Hence, this will lead to string of problems that will ultimately cost the company its staffs turnover. The impact of losing an average employee could still be manageable albeit it being costly, but the real issue is when a company loses a single skillful staff due to unfair scheduling, then the cost will, in turn, multiplies to include more than just monetary value.

Gone were the days where all says are in the employer’s hands. Nowadays, systems being deployed in handling scheduling must have features that promote fairness within employee/employer relationship. Managers have to ensure that the supposed schedules are planned correctly in the first place in order to avoid any last minutes changes and confusion that could cause their staff’s frustration. What’s more, employers will also need to realize that employees have responsibilities outside of the office too and when work schedules don't even consider those disruptions, it is only fair to say that disengagement will be around the corner. For instance, some employees might plan to spend their time with their loved ones and by getting called to work unexpectedly will leave the situation at home much less to be desired than before. That said, others could also be making plans that involve money such as traveling and when that plan is disturbed; the lost is theirs to bear.

In getting scheduling done right, the schedules have to be planned way ahead of time by the person in charge while those who are involved in the said schedules can check their own and apply for any adjustments wherever necessary. In other words, managers could ‘suggest’ a plan earlier and employees can inject their say within that decision-making period thus promoting a healthy relationship between managers and employees. Avoid last minute changes as much as possible by creating a policy that controls it. For example, no employee is allowed to change the schedule a day before the actual schedule starts except for severe cases like a death of a family member. By broadcasting the policy clearly, employees understand where they stand in when it comes to scheduling thereby reducing any form of discontentment to the minimum.

A good scheduling system has to be an automated system whereby the process for managers to draft schedules is easy and let’s not forget the fact that the employees should also be able to respond to them in real-time. Hence, heightening engagement for the benefit of the organization.

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based solution for time and attendance that has a comprehensive scheduling module that can cater from the simplest to the most complex schedules you might require. Moreover, this solution is connected to the TimeTec TA App that permits employees to view their schedules, request for a schedule change as well as for supervisors or managers to handle all those requests in real-time using either the computer or smartphone which in turn promotes better communication and transparency. TimeTec TA has made scheduling easy and it is designed to stimulate fair scheduling for the benefits of employees and companies.

Now You are a Reseller, What’s Next? Let’s Get Started!

You’ve been approved as a TimeTec Reseller, so what’s next? This article will explain what you need to do as a TimeTec Reseller and it will provide you an overview of TimeTec Dealer/Distributor account. 

1. Activate and login to your TimeTec account
Once you have been approved as a TimeTec Reseller, you will receive a welcome email with activation link. Click the Activation button or link to activate your account, and login to start. 

2. Explore TimeTec Reseller Account
TimeTec Reseller account allows you to view partnership agreement, payment policy, marketing material, add Customers, add Dealers (for distributor account only), add account administrator, view your sales and also commission. Below are some pictures that will provide you the overview of Reseller and Distributor accounts for your reference.

3. Switch to Subscriber > My Account
All TimeTec Resellers will be provided with a trial account once the application has been approved. In the trial account, you will find 2 sections; My Account and application (TimeTec TA/TimeeTec Patrol/TimeTec Leave, etc). My Account is where users manage their licenses, enable auto-renewal option, check invoices, add billing admin, etc. Below is the overview of My Account.

4. Try TimeTec Solutions
To access to TimeTec solution from My Account, mouse over at the application list icon and select the application. You can also check available TimeTec solutions and activate them at Company > Company Account. Setup your account using our Setup Wizard and register to our Webinar session for a full training. 

5. Update your Company Profile
Correct company information is important for all resellers, as we will be assigning potential customers to you from time to time. Assigned customers will be informed of your details; company name, address, contact number and contact person, and you will also received a notification email complete with the customers’ details. Company profile can only be edited from TimeTec solution; either TimeTec TA, TimeTec Patrol, or TimeTec Leave. At the application, go to Company > Company Profile.

Now that your TimeTec Reseller account is ready, start adding customers and promote TimeTec. Feel free to use our readily available marketing materials for your promotional activities. If your customer has created his account, contact us at and we can assign the customer under your account. Good luck and happy selling!

Having Trouble Managing Security Guards? TimeTec Patrol has the solution and more!

If you are still using the conventional way of managing your security guards’ patrolling system; with log books and patrol stick, it’s time to consider a more effective and smart solution with cloud-based TimeTec Patrol solution.

Traditional patrolling system needs different patrolling devices with all data and reports available offline. And even cumbersome, the data is scattered all over place requiring someone else to gather it manually to fit different purposes. Because of this, some information related to patrol rounds might be missing or the data gathered is inaccurate, resulting in wrong conclusions and decisions.

TimeTec Patrol on the other hand automates data collection, monitoring and managing process and improves the overall patrolling system by making it available online and allowing security guard and the people in charge to access to accurate information and report in a timely manner and respond in real-time. By having a system that collects all activities that happen automatically, security vendor and client can take comfort that the system is giving them accurate data at all times.

The next question would be, would this TimeTec Patrol deployment easy and affordable? The answer is yes and yes. You just need the common Android smartphones that support NFC technology, those inexpensive NFC tags, a computer at the guard house or control room and of course, Internet connection.

Here’s what you will get from TimeTec Patrol.

Organize and manage security guards
It’s important to properly organize your security guards from the get go, especially if you have many branches. In TimeTec Patrol, you can set your branches and add your security guards at the locations. This way you will be able to manage the patrolling data and be certain about the security guards assigned for each location, making monitoring a breeze and accurate.

Detailed information on checkpoints
Then you need to add buildings, floors and checkpoints for each patrol location in TimeTec Patrol for better overview. You can add building floor plans, checkpoints information and task-to-do at every checkpoints. With this readily available information, managing your security guards couldn’t be easier.

Manage routes
All patrolling guards must have routes assigned to them. In TimeTec Patrol, you can create a patrol route for each patrol location by adding in the checkpoints, its scanning rules and time, and nothing will be lost in translation with all the information and audit trail available in the system at all times.

Create patrol schedules
Create patrol schedules and assign them to your guards. These schedules will reflect in the security guards’ mobile app, where the routes and checkpoints will be displayed according to the schedule, avoiding any confusion or void in patrol routes.

Report rounds - Tap and Go
TimeTec Patrol Mobile app supports patrol check-ins via smartphone, using the NFC technology, requiring security guards to only bring their smartphones during rounds. Simply tap on the NFC tag that is located at a specific checkpoint to report their check-in time and send incidents report, if any, and continue to the next checkpoint. Every check time will be updated real-time in TimeTec Patrol and the summary of the rounds are available as soon as the security guards finishes their rounds. The app also supports Offline Mode for locations that don’t have Internet connection.

And Many More..
In TimeTec Patrol, we have added many features that are useful to both admin and security guards. In the TimeTec Patrol Mobile app, we have a Panic Button feature that will send notification automatically to emergency contacts once it is triggered, complete with GPS location and auto-captured photos. The admin can also send new job orders to the security guards on-duty during their rounds and generate reports at any time. As TimeTec Patrol is a cloud-based system, improvements and enhancements are being done constantly and you can look forward to more new features in the future.

Security aspects like security guard for a premise is crucial but the system that manages these security guards and their patrolling activities is equally important to get accurate data at all times and immediate response during emergencies. TimeTec Patrol can deliver you that peace of mind and confidently manage your security guards and the patrolling system.

Head over to to give it a try and experience the modern cloud-based monitoring system first hand. Any enquiry, reach us at and we’ll be right there with you.