5 Reasons You Should Move Your Visitor Management System to the Cloud

Wednesday, August 25, 2021 TimeTec 0 Comments

Isn't it easier to have a thick logbook at the reception area with a pen and call it the Visitor Management System? Yeah, if you are living in the 80s, maybe. We are already two decades into the millennium, and surely there is a better system in place to manage visitor management being offered in the market. It is essential to have a system because having details of the visitors is not sufficient for any modern organization.

Today's organizations are not working in silos. Not only that, most organizations have branches and offices in different locations; they thrive on data, which need to be available instantly and complete for review and decision-making process. Another area of focus for today's organization is security. Better information about who's coming and going into your premises spells better security and accountability to the employees and assets.

So how does a cloud Visitor Management System like TimeTec VMS could help?

Tapping on Technology 
Technology simplifies the process, making visitor management seamless and easier to manage. TimeTec VMS comes with an invite feature where employees can invite guests to the business premises for meetings through an App on their smartphone. Once the visitors have been approved, the system will provide them with a QR code for access, complete with details about the visit. At the same time, the 
system will furnish security guards with all the relevant information about the visit in the system in real-time for verification during the visits. TimeTec VMS will make the check-in time, check-out time, visitor details, invitee details available in the system for reference. The system is totally paperless, yet it is complete with essential details that make the management of visitors easier than ever.   

Secured Access and Information
Writing personal information on a logbook does not signal security at any level. Anyone could see the information because the logbook is literally an open book. With a cloud system like TimeTec VMS, the admin can limit access to information depending on roles. While the guards have access to the system, it doesn't necessarily mean that they can view everything. The system is also away from the public eyes, and no personal information could risk being exposed like a logbook could.

Software is updated at all times
What happens to a logbook once it's full? What happens to the information in the previous logbook? Tuck away in a store, where any attempt to obtain information from it could be futile. On the other hand, a cloud visitor management system is updated all the time without having to have a technician around for the upkeep and maintenance of the system. Plus, users get to use any new features introduced instantly without paying extra, and the previous data is intact and available for years.

Try it free, pay as you go
No one would want to deal with a buyer's remorse. What if the new system is not what we needed? How comprehensive could a Visitor Management System get? Would we lose money if we want to stop using it halfway? Don't worry; TimeTec VMS opens the solution for a trial so you can determine whether the solution fits your needs. Even when you have subscribed to us, you can stop it at any time without hassle. That's the beauty of a cloud system.


Access data from anywhere
We are not saying that your boss wants something urgent at 11 pm on Saturday when you are at home. But, it's not impossible. By subscribing to a cloud solution like TimeTec VMS, you can access the information anytime you want, from anywhere you want, for as long as the Internet is available.
It's time you let go of that logbook no matter how cute it is and switch to a cloud Visitor Management System for comprehensive visitor data for your organization.
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