6 Tips To Consider Before Purchasing Covid-related Machines

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 TimeTec 0 Comments

Covid pandemic has caused a caution on the biometric attendance system, especially the fingerprint method due to its contact nature. Nevertheless, not all is lost for the industry as the ABI research predicted contactless biometrics to rise by 20% in 2020. First and foremost, people have since demonstrated hesitation when it comes to touching a surface that someone else has previously come into contact with. This pandemic is causing a permanent change in society, and therefore, we need to prepare plans and options for a better future. 

There are certain things you need to be wise about when choosing the right machines because the ones you opt for will be taking over the manual job to help determine the group of Covid-19 immunity for you. Most importantly, understanding different biometrics modality will upgrade your knowledge of digital adoption and help you decide which Covid-related machines are the best fit for the varying requirements and restrictions you concern. 

Here are the 6 TIPS to consider in finding the COVID linchpin of your organization and premises: 

Don't EVER compromise on quality. Low price products never deliver at a level that demonstrates value for money. Since the outbreak of Covid pandemic, touchless technology has been in the rise of demand. Biometric brands and suppliers have desperately released features in supporting the critical condition with characteristics to help identify individuals' body temperature, verification even with a mask on and touch-free palm reading. However, these biometrics devices embodied with these features come at a relatively high price. For those that have been grappling with safe ways to reactive workers and re-engage consumers, you shouldn't give in quality over prices because the quality of the product should be consistent. You can't have a machine that reads human body temperature today and having a huge variance the next day. Price usually reflects great and trustworthy features in a brand which eventually conveys customers' trust. Choose a quality-driven brand!

Rigorous comparisons of modality strengths & weaknesses. The design of these contactless technologies is for protection and to mitigate the risks of Covid-19 exposure. Surely buyers would expect to have a decent camera resolution to capture professional and high definition templates images for high accuracy of verification. Despite many brands offering identical features and upselling with capabilities such as low error rate, false acceptance rate (FAR), high identification rate, and false reject rate (FRR), you must go in-depth into laying out the specifications. List down the convenience, usability, acceptability, effectiveness, and the budget of each device you shortlist before making the decision. Optimal satisfaction begins with a little extra work! 

Hygiene is where you put an end to the deadly pathogen. Users and companies refrain from using contact-based modalities during the Covid crisis due to the transmissible germs on surfaces and the likelihood to be in contact with other contaminants. For this very reason, contactless is now the new norm that is shaping the additional biometric system standards. Therefore, the contactless system that you choose must be contactless from the enrollment process through the verification process, every step of the way must be completely Touch Free!  Reduce the risk of being in contact with contagious individuals, start by ensuring that the system is fully hygienic!

Say NO to vulnerability, Say NO to spoofing threats. A trusting machine should prevent you and others from being victimized. Data breaching and phishing attacks are in rising numbers when the world is so exposed to technological advancement. People have been relentlessly pursuing systems whereby they do not have to substitute information security nor safety management systems in exchange for the utmost benefits of this functionality. It is, therefore, crucial to look into systems that are built-in with a powerful anti-spoofing feature and allow the enabling of this protection feature for more protected identity proof. The higher the security ratings the machine has, the higher accuracy it is in granting permit (or deny) building entry without you to fret day and night.     

Ability to cope with inevitable feature challenges. The current crisis has rapidly accelerated and expanded the distancing initiatives, new product launches and enhancements that focus on mitigating Covid spread and advancing the capabilities of existing products are there for us to witness. Various recognition technologies, including facial, palm & vein, fingerprint, iris security system are the shared best practice most organizations have adopted. Select the optimal available resources out there, elasticity is important in preventing system failure in the long run. 

Mobile credential solution for a freer and safer urban office lifestyle. Using personal devices as the standalone infection-free biometric system is now regarded as the best protection equipment to cope with the Covid viruses. Mobile clocking/ access solution as an alternative adopted the concept of Phone tap, made easier to ease the pressure and tension of close contact amid the potentially contagious environment. Before you decide to purchase these machines, you should know there is a lot more you can do than just investing a fortune amount of money into a single-purpose device.  Research on reputable brands that create opportunities and use that choice to make a positive impact! 

Go on to find out the other essential aspects of your concern to make it investment-worthy. The key is not only to complete the safe distance requirements but also to add values for a long-term digital transformation.    

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