8 Tips to Start Selling TimeTec Solutions

Monday, July 02, 2018 TimeTec 0 Comments

TimeTec Cloud offers an array of cloud-based solutions
Are you new to our TimeTec Partner program and not sure of how to proceed?  In this article, we will introduce the resources we already prepared in order to help you gain customers and share some ideas on how you can start to secure your first sale. 

1. Get familiar with the solutions
The journey starts with a sound product knowledge so we invite you to attend TimeTec FREE Webinar sessions to better understand the solutions. You can also extend these Webinar sessions to your customers as part of their training. Certificates will be provided to all attendees, and exams are available to obtain training certification. The aim is to learn to set up an account, enjoy the user experience and from there, pick up key selling points. You probably know all the benefits of cloud-based workforce or security management systems but we have our own advantages: 30 days free trial, multilingual availability, extensive features on the mobile app, 10 user license free for life (TimeTec TA & TimeTec Leave) and many more. We share useful learning resources directly within the application (under the Support section) and on our websites. Besides that, we are constantly releasing new features, so do check our monthly Newsletter updates.

2. Take Advantage of Marketing Materials
Now that you have attended training and have access to the account, you can start marketing TimeTec to your customers. Explore your TimeTec Dealer or Distributor Account (View as Dealer) and on your dashboard, you will find the link to the Marketing Central. Here, we place all the marketing resources you need to close more sales, faster. You can download presentation slides for your sales pitch, samples of proposal and support agreement, sample reports, new features and etc. 
Login to Dealer/Distributor Account > My Account > View as Dealer > Marketing Materials

Choose a solution to view available marketing materials. 
a. TimeTec TA
b. TimeTec Patrol
c. TimeTec Leave
d. i-Neighbour

3. Prepare for Demo
Prepare for a demo using your own account or you can also use our Live Site Demo should you lack the time to set up yours. If you wish to personalize the settings, do not forget that in your Dealer Account, you are able to directly add customers to create a trial account for them. Make sure to download TimeTec Mobile Apps to simulate the full experience. We also recommend using a screen-mirroring software, for instance, the Reflector 3, a useful tool on Mac, Windows and Android devices to help your team demonstrate the interactive features and different roles (e.g. normal staff and admin for TimeTec TA) to your potential customers. If you are stuck anywhere in the process, reach out to us via LiveChat, Skype, email or phone, the TimeTec support team is always available.

4. Leverage on Existing Customer and Partner Relationships
If you are a FingerTec reseller, HR system provider or a security products vendor, you probably already have a sizeable database of existing customers and a good understanding of their requirements. You can tap on these prospects and contact them with offers for a free trial if you believe it will suit their company. Send an email to them introducing the solutions, together with a copy of the brochure.  It is likely many users of FingerTec devices will have the interest to learn more, since they are familiar with the company’s products and services, and their existing devices can easily be connected to the system. Get in touch with business partners and share your new business plans and service line up with them. Ask for a referral and they may send leads and inquiries your way if they come across prospective customers with matching requirements.

5. Apply a Marketing Strategy
Spoilt with various marketing channel choices, the ‘old school’ way of direct mail tends to be overlooked and ignored. Don’t. Direct Mail marketing strategy should be one of your main marketing strategies because when there are less traffic and competition, your message gets noticed. The audience becomes more receptive to receive tangible and personalized materials that are targeted specifically to them. On TimeTec TA’s Marketing Materials page, we provide a guide on how to prepare for an effective Direct Mail strategy and relevant resources/contents for resellers to use as a reference during sales and marketing pitches.

Other useful marketing platforms include social media and networking ones, be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or others. If you have an online presence, why not go there to shine the spotlight on TimeTec solutions. Follow or connect with our accounts as we often use these to engage with customers. 

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/fingertec/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/FingerTec
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/fingertecworldwide

6. Auto-Matching and Referrals
It takes time to generate leads so if you do not have a target to start with, let us know that you are ready to take off and need a referral. We receive worldwide inquiries and we may require your assistance to follow up with some of the leads. We also have an Auto-matchmaking platform designed to connect you with the prospective customers in your region. You can contact our Sales team by email at info@timeteccloud.com for any discussion and communication.

7. Keep up with our Latest Offers and Promotions
Periodically, we try to offer a variety of packages and promotions to suit different customer needs and some of these are for a limited time only. It usually goes out to resellers via email so do take some time and have a look at our communications to you. To ensure you won’t miss out on attractive bargains, we are also working on creating an ‘Ongoing Promotion’ page (coming soon) that you can visit directly from your Dealer Account.

One of the best long-standing deals we have is the TimeTec Suite Package, where clients that subscribe to either TimeTec TA or TimeTec Leave is entitled to enjoy the second solution at a 50% discount. For Malaysian end users, we will be offering a TimeTec Value Package; for RM300 fee, we take care of the full account setup and provide a training session (on-site or webinar) so they can start using immediately. Many other exciting packages and promotions are in the works and we will send updates to you as soon as we finalize them. 

8. Close the Deal 
Along the way, if you need assistance to meet your client’s requirements or there are customization requests, inform us so that we can discuss this with our development team. We aim to continuously improve the solutions and provide a better user experience so all your feedback will be highly appreciated.