Reasons Why Mobile App Matters

Friday, November 18, 2016 TimeTec 0 Comments

This is a true story. While I was taking a vacation on a beautiful island, indulging in its amazing view and clean air, my phone rang. My company needed to submit a very important application that only I could write about, and the application had to be submitted before the end of the day. I didn’t bring my lappy (like how the hipsters called it nowadays), so what was I to do? I could write on a few sheets of high-quality grainy Resort papers laying around in my room, snap a photo and send it over, but could they understand my near-doctor handwriting that even I had the problem reading? After a few moments of panicking, the genius in me kicked in and made me installed Google doc App on my mobile that made it possible for me to carry out my important task on a tiny little screen until the sun went down. Okay, forgive me for the incident's over-dramatization. I could simply go to the Resort’s business Center to finish my job but the fact remains that people do stuff on their mobile nowadays; it’s hard to even talk to these people and look them in the eyes, literally. 

Therefore, when TimeTec develops our cloud solutions, mobile App instantly becomes the focus of the development. So, why does app matter in today’s workforce? It’s because people no longer open their computers for facebook and people publish their selfies using mobile. But more importantly, today’s workforce have to deal with the fast pace of business and technology, that having things centralized in their mobile would make their life simpler and better.

Workforces are fluid these days more than not. Things need to get done faster and more efficient that they can’t afford to just stay in an office. Travels become common and when employees are not available in the office, they need to be given tools to complete the pressing tasks. With TimeTec TA, they can report their whereabouts accurately and TimeTec Patrol utilizes App as its patrolling tool. The technology of the mobile like GPS, NFC, Wifi, and the Internet make everything possible. Next, TimeTec Leave lets employee manage their work leaves from the App and TimeTec MW (Mobile Workforce) can trace the routes taken by the mobile workforce with great certainty. Irrespective of your employees’ locations, when they have the right tools to get things done, things will get settled without intrusive supervision.  

Nowadays also, everybody has his/her smartphone of choice and as long as they can install the Apps on their phone, the Company doesn’t have to be concerned about the type of phones they are using. And that’s why TimeTec apps are built on the common iOS and/or Android platforms for easy download.

Study finds that humans are naturally selfish, they like anything that is related to them. Hence, it’s very important for Apps to not forget personalization. TimeTec TA App has a dashboard that shows one’s productivity of the day and time management. i-Neighbour makes visiting your loved ones easier and TimeTec Leave is about your personal leave management. People love themselves, and if an app provides something that improves their lives and has something to do with them, they’ll definitely be using it.   

App like Spotify makes us listen to music without CDs, Whatsapp lets us communicate intensely in silence with so many people from around the world for free, Google presents Office on mobile in case we need to work at odd hours, and Waze shows us the way. The world has gone mobile and mobile is nothing if without its useful apps.

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