Employing New Technology To Improve Organizational Maturity

Wednesday, February 25, 2015 TimeTec 0 Comments

Change in organizational process in inevitable but change does not necessarily mean that it is a good thing if it doesn’t produce the improved or desired outcomes for an organization. A company can evolve and adopt a biometrics time and attendance system complete with its fancy management software but if the company fails to gain any positive impact in the long run, the change might not be moving in the right direction or the objectives of the implementation have not been defined clearly. This is the superficial “Change Trap” that a lot of companies fall into and in the end, never understood why they made the change in the first place.  

When deploying a biometrics time attendance and cloud-based attendance software such as TimeTec, a company should strive to achieve organizational maturity. Do not expect the system to work its magic in delivering the intended positive outcome because the system is just a tool; maturity moves gradually and when technology process and ROI are moving in tandem, only then an organization reaches maturity.

Pair biometrics time attendance time clocks with TimeTec for an efficient attendance management system

How does a company assess organizational maturity? Let’s go over some key performance indexes that could help you better understand how to achieve maturity with deployment of the latest technology.   

•  The understanding of why the company needs to track activities 
Each employee needs to comprehend why the system is in place, in the first place. The company needs to explain clearly the what, when, why and how in order to get everybody onboard about the changes that the company aspires to achieve; it eliminates employee’s curiosity of why a time and attendance system such as TimeTec is being installed in the company. With ample explanation, it will increase employee and manager engagement and productivity, which will then spill to a diverse pool of workers, impacting the company positively. 

Examples of the benefit that can be communicated across include:
  1. The company will be able to calculate the actual time each worker has contributed the company without short calculations. 
  2. The company needs to be able to determine the missing link or the weakness of the whole process so nobody needs to pull more weight to get things done. 
  3. The company needs to ensure compliance of law and policy to provide conducive working environment for all workforce.
•   The importance of Leave and Holiday Management for an organization
In an application such as TimeTec, Leave Management and Holiday Management is not designed to restrict employees from taking leaves, which is well within their rights; it is more of a way to improve work-life balance, workforce retention and attendance to create a more positive working environment and also to support compliance. It’s against the law for a company to not approve annual leave for an employee for no apparent reason whatsoever. It is also against the law to force an employee to work more than a certain hour without having a few hours break. Hence, deployment of the latest technology and system such as TimeTec is able to bring a company to achieve organizational maturity.

Define your leave or holiday type in your company's calendar
View leave or holiday for the entire year in Company Holiday/Leave function

•   To optimize schedules for employer and employees’ benefits         
Implementation of the latest technology should drive measurable monetary savings in terms of controlling cost, supporting operational improvements and not create any risks for a company. With a system like TimeTec, scheduling can assist a company to reach this objective by setting schedules according to the company’s needs (controlling cost and support operational improvements), adhere to policy and labor law (reduce any risks to the company) and be able to remedy when crisis happens. 

Setup your schedule according to the company's policy

TimeTec supports daily, weekly and flexi schedules 

•   To utilize labor data in the everyday operations 
Any system will collect data but most importantly, how do you proceed with that collected data? How would this data impact your operations? One way to achieve organizational maturity is to use this data to support decision making from all levels of employee up to the management. When data is available on tardiness, overtime, nonproductive time, manipulation of time and pay, the company can make informed decisions, which in the end will benefit the company positively. 

Tardiness are highlighted in red to alert superior

View total overtime hours for each employee

A great system is only great when it is able to stamp improvements on a company. TimeTec is loaded with useful features such as attendance data, leave management, holiday management, tardiness management, tracking of activities and etc that could help companies to achieve organizational maturity if it’s manipulated correctly. However, this can only be achieved once the company is certain of the objectives of why they are deploying the system and it needs to be communicated across the workforce to achieve the sought-after organizational maturity with the use of the latest technology.