Offer TimeTec Cloud As A Solution and Start Earning Residual Income!

Friday, January 02, 2015 TimeTec 0 Comments

Demands for cloud service is growing in various industries because generally consumers these days are looking for solutions that are easy to implement, scalable, stable, and most importantly providing them with the tools required for them to proceed with their business. 

If you are in the office automation business or the human resource industry, time attendance solution on cloud is what you should be offering your clients be it small or large companies. Your clients will not have to fork out large amount of money to ensure infrastructure availability or involve in difficult implementations because time attendance on cloud is basically a plug and play solution with your data secured on a server, minus the worry of downtime and support problems. 

Be a part of the TimeTec Cloud Partner Program and offer Time Attendance Cloud Solution to your customers and watch your income grows. The dealing is transparent and as you go along, the more accounts you subscribe, the more income you’ll be seeing in your account. 

Let’s Look At the Benefits of TimeTec Cloud Partner Program

Product Offering Expansion 
Expand your business into cloud services and make TimeTec Cloud as an extension of your product offering services. TimeTec Cloud is readily available and we also offer free 30-day trial to all customers. All you have to do is understand the system and offer TimeTec Cloud to your customer. 

Ongoing Revenue
Don’t you like it when you receive money every month? With TimeTec Cloud, you will receive 30% commission when your customer subscribed to TimeTec Cloud. Not only that, you also can increase your commission percentage by increasing the number of your subscribed customers, based on the Reseller Revenue Scheme. The higher number of customers equals to higher percentage of commission. 

FREE 24/7/365 Support 
We will be around to assist you all year round. Our dedicated Technical Support team will be available via email ( and Skype, ready to assist you and your customers with no charges. 

FREE Webinar Training
We offer FREE Webinar training sessions to all TimeTec Cloud customers and partners. Check on our Webinar schedule and register for a training session. Interact with our trainers and get full understanding of TimeTec Cloud system at zero cost. 

Free Demo Account
When you sign-up as a partner, you will be entitled for a free demo account with unlimited user license, renewable yearly. Conduct your testing and demo session anywhere, anytime. How’s that for convenience?

No Hardware Compulsory
TimeTec Cloud can be paired with FingerTec time clock terminals for attendance verification. However, you can also opt to use mobile and web check-in for attendance verification purpose and time clock hardware is not compulsory.   

Take advantage of our TimeTec Loyalty Program to attract your customers’ interest to TimeTec Cloud. Through this program, your customers can get FREE FingerTec biometric time clock terminal(s) to be used with TimeTec Cloud. So register with us and start promoting to your customers!